Can Bantu Knots Damage Straight Hair

As you already know, Bantu knots are a fashionable hairstyle that’s really trendy at the moment. Perhaps you’re tempted to try them but don’t know if they’ll have any negative impact on your hair. 

So, can Bantu knots damage straight hair? No, Bantu knots are completely safe. In fact, it’s a protective hairstyle. However, making tight knots can harm your hair. 

Keep reading to know what sort of effects Bantu knot can have on straight hair.

Do Bantu Knots work on straight hair?

Do Bantu Knots work on straight hair?

Even though Bantu knots were initially invented for densely curled or frizzy hair, they can be applied to any hair. Straight hair isn’t an exception.

Actually, it’s a bit easier to make Bantu knots on straight hair. Moreover, Bantu knot outs made with straight hair produce a gorgeous spiral look.

Bantu knots are suitable for those with straight hair who want a curly or wavy hairstyle. 

Why Do Straight Hair People Use Bantu Knots?

Straight Hair People Use Bantu Knots

Bantu knots look the best on dry, straight hair. On top of that, it’s easier and faster to make Bantu knots with straight hair. Straightened hair is less likely to become frizzy or crimped, so styles like half-down, half-up, and ponytail suit better.

People with straight hair commonly make Bantu knots to give their hair a curly or wavy effect. Straight hair is very convenient for Bantu knots as it doesn’t require any heat treatment. 

Straight-haired folks can prepare their Bantu knots, go to sleep, and when the knots are let out the following day, it creates a striking wavy effect

What Happens to Straight Hair When You Install Bantu Knots?

Happens to Straight Hair When You Install Bantu Knots

After making the Bantu knots with straight hair, people often become concerned when untying or separating the braids. 

However, there’s nothing to be afraid of because straight-haired Bantu knots come off effortlessly. In fact, after undoing the knots, you’ll get an attractive wavy effect with many volumes.

You don’t have to worry about your hair being overly curled or extremely wavy; Bantu knots add enough volume and don’t put much strain on your hair. 

It might take approximately an hour to prepare Bantu knots on straight hair. During that time, it’s quite common to experience dizziness or a slight headache. 

And if the knots are made too tightly, you’ll feel a slightly painful pull on your skull. But don’t worry; these are temporary effects that fade once the knots have settled. 

It would be best to remember that sleeping with the knots on can be pretty uncomfortable. Moreover, when you start to knot out or unravel your hair, you’ll feel heavy pressure on your scalp. 

Another downside of straight-haired Bantu knots is that it reduces the length of your hair, as it remains coiled up. On top of that, if the knots aren’t done properly, the hairstyle looks messy and all over the place. 

Can Bantu Knots Damage Straight Hair?

risk of damage is minimal

As straight hair doesn’t require any chemical dying for tying the knots, the risk of damage is minimal. And, the hairstyle isn’t permanent anyways; it stays for about 10 -12 hours, so almost no harm is done. 

You have to be very careful while untying the knots. Slowly pull on the braid with your finger and apply Biosilk serum to moisturize and hydrate your hair after all the knots are undone. The serum also eliminates the frizzy nature of the hair. 

How To Get Heatless Curls?

Get Heatless Curls

You can get heatless curls in the following way:

  1. Part your hair into several sections. 
  2. Twist the sections just like in a braid.  
  3. Each section of hair is to be hydrated by spraying water. 
  4. Tie the smaller section into knots and secure them in place using small rubber bands. 
  5. You’ll have to keep the knots untouched for at least 6 hours for them to set completely. 
  6. When untangling the knots, take off the rubber band slowly.
  7. Gently use your fingers to unspiral the twisted hair. 
  8. Finally, hydrated your hair with a moisturizer spray to get a glossy effect. After you’re done untangling, you’ll see the curly effect imprinted by the Bantu knots.


Do Bantu knots cause hair loss in straight hair?

Technically, Bantu knots don’t contribute to hair loss, but they shorten the length in the case of straight hair. This happens as the hair length gets coiled up in the curls. 

How long do Bantu knots take to dry with straight hair?

Bantu knots should be kept on for as long as possible in order to dry and set completely. Usually, 5-6 hours is enough time for drying. 

Are Bantu knots on straight hair permanent?

No, Bantu knots aren’t permanent. They’re a temporary style and usually removed after a week or so. 

Final Verdict

One of the most popular hair trends right now, Bantu knots, is suitable for almost all hair types, even straight hair. However, as many people aren’t aware of it, they are intimidated to try making Bantu knots with straight hair. 

As this article has cleared all your doubts regarding can Bantu knots damage straight hair, you can make Bantu knots on your straight hair without any worries. 

Good luck!

By Cindy Mahlangu

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