What Should You Know Before Getting Cornrows

Cornrows have cemented their place as one of the tackiest hairstyles of contemporary times. Wearing this style completely transforms your appearance and makes you look like a totally stress-free person. 

What are cornrows? How do they look? 

cornrows is usually straight

Cornrows sharply streamline your facial expressions. They are nothing but tight sleek braids created close to the scalp, using upward and downward motions in a circular direction. The shape of strands of cornrows is usually straight, but they can be tied in different ways.

The cornrows are stretched from the front of your face to the back. The patterns you keep them in can be straight and parallel, but you can also be as creative as you can. Just make sure you understand the limitations of your hair.

Should You Get Cornrow Braids? 

cornrows depends on a lot of factors

You might have grasped the idea that cornrows are a unique concept. Now, should you get them? It depends on a lot of factors that have been discussed below. 

1. Are cornrows a cultural thing?

Dark-skinned women are finding it easier to express their cultural beliefs by wearing cornrows, primarily because of the internet’s increasing liberalism in society. If you do not feel burdened by the emotional side of the hairstyle, then sure, go ahead. 

Many white-skinned or non-black people might have second thoughts regarding wearing this hairstyle. If you feel these will not be too big of a problem, then you can definitely wear cornrows, there is no particular barrier. 

2. How pricey is a cornrow hairstyle?

cornrowed hairstyles is not expensive

Unlike other conventional braided hairstyles, installing cornrowed hairstyles is not expensive at all. You can get them done by spending something around $50 from any standard salon. Even this cost can be nullified if you are confident enough to get the hairstyle done all by yourself at home. It can be done with ease and simple techniques. 

3. Are cornrows a protective hairstyle? 

cornrows are a protective hairstyle

The clear answer to this question is yes, cornrows are a protective hairstyle. It is a great option for you to consider if you are looking to protect your natural hair strands. This is also a reason for its huge popularity amongst everyone.

Since most of the hair is wrapped inside the cornrows, they are shielded from the harsh conditions outside. For example, they are not exposed to sunlight, pollution, overly brushing or pulling your hair, etc.

4. Will cornrows damage my hair? 

Cornrows are not too aggressive

Cornrows are not too aggressive on your hair in general. Given that your hair is strong enough and you have installed them the right way, they are not supposed to have any damaging effects.

The other side of the coin can be observed from the explanation above. It is quite easy to get the style wrong. Cornrows might have serious repercussions on the health of your hair if they are too tight

Your hair will lose its strength from the roots, and eventually, fall or break off. Doing them too hard from your hairline will also slowly pull it backwards, deteriorating your look and condition. 

5. How long can cornrows last?

cornrows smooth run is about two to four weeks

The longevity of your cornrows totally depends on the type of hair you possess, their condition, etc. In general, the average length of their smooth run is about two to four weeks.

Keep in mind, there is no specific time span that you have got to follow. You need to curate the length of holding on to them completely by assessing your own condition. Clinging onto them for too long is going to cause severe damage.

6. Tips for doing cornrows

Tips for doing cornrows
  • Avoid greasy, oily scalp for cornrows. Prepare your head first, by cleaning it, and moisturizing it. Otherwise, the style would not come out well.
  • Pick up only the central section of your hair. Keep your palm pointed towards the direction of the braids. 
  • Consistently apply oil on your scalp that is high in nutrients. Tea tree oil, argan oil, or lavender oil are highly recommended. Doing so will increase the strength of your hair, as well as reduce the tightness that could lead to damage. 
  • Do not go overboard with the maintenance of your cornrows. They do not need much of it. Avoid applying heavy styling products with high chemical content. 
  • Try to uninstall the cornrows after a few weeks. Prolonging the period will only cause more harm than good.
  • Try to reduce the friction between your hair strands. You can do this by wearing headscarves, especially during sleep. Satin or silky fabric is going to be the best option in this regard.  

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Cornrows are great, and you should surely try them out. But make sure you do not put too much pressure on your hair. If your hair is not suitable enough, explore other styling options. Till then, try and prepare them so that you can happily put them on, and flaunt your energy to everyone around you.  

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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