What Face Shape Looks Good with Braids

Your regular hairstyles can become boring and dull over time. When you look in the mirror, how often do you consider trying something new or different to improve your hairstyle? You can always go with braids; as exciting as they are to make, there are many braid styles that will suit you.

The face shape you have plays a significant role in this. Every person is born with a unique and beautiful face shape; some have ovals, some have long faces, and some have square faces. How exciting is it to know that different braiding styles can make each face shape glow differently?

There are numerous protective hairstyles for different face shapes, and each one can be worn in a variety of ways to enhance your individual facial features. To know which face shape suits braids, you can do as much hair makeover as you want!

What Are the Different Face Shapes, and How Do You Identify Them

What Are the Different Face Shapes, and How Do You Identify Them

To find the ideal braiding style, we must first define the face shape and comprehend how various styles can look different with it, what effect it can have on the style, and what considerations should be taken into account first.

1. Understanding the impact of face shape on hairstyle preferences

Every hairstyle is influenced by the shape of your face. Different styles appear differently on various facial structures. It’s not like there are clothes that come in one size and fit everyone. For instance, a haircut for an oval face won’t look good on a square face, and the same is true for hairstyles.

2. Before selecting a protective hairstyle, be aware of the shape of your face

Knowing your face shape can boost your confidence to try a new hairstyle, assist in looking your best, and help you reach your full potential. This way, you will always be aware of the types of styles—including braids—that might suit you.

It might not always appear as you had imagined in your mind if you don’t know the face shape and styles that might look better with it. This is precisely why we get disappointed so frequently when a particular style we saw on Pinterest or the internet doesn’t work out the same for us.

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to figure out your face shape is to look in a mirror. If you don’t know much about different face shapes, there are many illustrations available online that you can use to find the shape. You can compare the illustrations to your face and see if you find a match.

3. Characteristics that define each face shape

There are seven basic face shapes that are most frequently observed to make things simpler. Oval, square, round, heart, pear, diamond, and oblong are the different face shapes. This is how you can define them-

  • You could have an oval face if your face is longer than it is broad.
  • A round face is one that is wider than it is long.
  • If your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are equal in width, you have a square facial structure.
  • Oblong face- it’s mostly known by its length, which is twice the face width.
  • The pear face shape has a broader jawline, a triangle appearance, and a narrower forehead.
  • Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a gentle, slim chin and a sharp hairline.
  • A diamond face has a narrow forehead, steep cheeks, and a tapering chin.

4. How to pick the best braids for your face shape

Since braids are the most versatile hairstyle to wear, there are many different types, including cornrows, the traditional fishtail, double Dutch, and more.

Each face shape responds differently to various hairstyles; for example, a ponytail braid is incomparable for a round face, while volumized long braids look stunning on a heart shape to accentuate the gorgeous, sharp jawline.

So, the answer to how to pick the best braids for yourself is, to keep digging, and trying!

You should also pay attention to your hairline. Getting your hairline thinner as a result of tight braiding might be an absolute nightmare for some of us. It’s better to avoid tight braiding even with extensions since they can create discomfort and hurt your head as well.

Best Braids Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

You’ll never get tired of experimenting with new looks, and you’ll be even more astounded by how stunning you can appear when your lovely face shape is combined with the right braiding style. You can try the popular braids shown here!

1. Got an oval face? Try Box braids!

Got an oval face? Try Box braids

With an oval face, anything looks wonderful. This face type complements every face shape. But when it comes to Box braids, nothing can beat them. It has served the best aesthetics of any protective hairstyle and appears even more lovely on gorgeous black women.

2. Stunning Cornrows never fail

Among the traditional protective braids, cornrows are a popular preference. It has been around for much longer than before the century in Africa, and now both men and women enjoy trying this one. It can last for weeks while also allowing the beautiful natural black hair to grow without compromising the hair texture. It will be a winning choice!

3. Your Round face shape needs a Goddess Braid

Your Round face shape needs a Goddess Braid

The thick goddess braids create a softer and more fashionable finish that accentuates the round face perfectly. Along with showcasing your stunning wide face, it will also let you show off more of your natural curls.

4. Create a stylish low bun to square your face

Create a stylish low bun to square your face

One of the most attractive facial shapes is square, and all you need to do to highlight it, even more, is tighten the low bun to match your jawline. It makes the face appear more open and lets people admire your face’s edges.

5. Use Havana Twists to twist your way to an oblong face

Use Havana Twists to twist your way to an oblong face

Consider the Havana twist if you like to go big and already have features on your face that are longer- such as an oblong face. This gorgeous braiding style is worn in long strands that you can wear loose, in a bun, or in a pony. It’s similar to a Senegalese twist but longer and ends with a smoother finish.

6. Rock a High Ponytail to Flatter Your Heart Shape

Rock a High Ponytail to Flatter Your Heart Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, you can win the styling contest by wearing any mid-height or long ponytail as a crown on your head. It will draw more attention to the jawline and lengthen the face while bringing out the other features as well.

7. Lovely Fulani braids for flat, long faces!

Lovely Fulani braids for flat, long faces

The Fulani braids are more like a fusion of several different hairstyles, with cornrows at the top and box braids at the bottom. For some cultures, it reveals more than just fashion, including class, marital status, and others. However, this one can graciously illustrate the flat and long face.

Suitable Makeovers for These hairstyles

The best way to glam up any particular hairstyle is with hair accessories. For instance, if you try adding tiny flowers or beads to your lovely braids, it will enhance your hair’s charm ten times more.

Let’s say you have finished styling your hair, but you don’t feel confident about the top. Here’s what you can do: Simply add some hairpins or beads to your braids to see the difference.

Some people braid their hair using coils or strings, even with shells for longer braids, and believe me when I say that it makes your hair stand out more. You can always add your own flair to the fusion; for example, try cornrows with gold beads; you won’t be let down by the regal appearance.

While it’s extremely important to match your braiding style to the shape of your face, don’t miss the accessories you can use to enhance the look. Earrings may be a good way to highlight your hairdo. For instance, hoops are always a good choice for medium-height braids, while studs are ideal for longer ones. Try using smaller hooks or wire-style earrings for short pixie hairstyles.

Creative Braiding: Make a stylish combination of different braids!

By combining two or three braiding hairstyles into one, you can give the basic braiding hairstyles more variations. We’ve already seen one; the Fulani braids with box braids and cornrows. Here are a few more to try.

1. Dutch braid + fishtail braid

Dutch braid + fishtail braid

Although double Dutch braids are excellent, the Dutch fishtail is undoubtedly the winner in this case. The intricate structure of the Dutch braid and the textural charm of the fishtail braid combines the style to create a unique appearance.

2. Waterfall braid + French braid

Waterfall braid + French braid

The elegance of waterfall braids is enhanced by the addition of French twists. Perfect for formal parties or any wedding events.

3. Box braids + cornrows

Box braids + cornrows

You can experiment with more unique combinations of box braids and cornrows, similar to the Fulani braids. Choose something sleek for both the top and bottom of your gorgeous black hair. No strands are left behind!

4. Twist braid + rope braid

Twist braid + rope braid

The rope braid is more of a twisting style using two strands of hair than a true braid. Therefore, to combine them into one, you can twist your strands before wrapping them around one another to create a rope-like impact.

5. Crown braid + side braid

Crown braid + side braid

This braiding design is more intricate and fashionable; you wear it as a crown on top of your head and let the side braids in your remaining hair match the top style.

One More Thread

Since the olden days, braids have been a woman’s best friend whenever she wanted to add twists and turns to her hair to make it look more stylish. Each braiding style we have mentioned will surely make your beautiful face shape look sweet, gorgeous, bold, or whatever your heart desires! Plus, they’re super easy to create.

There will always be that one braiding style that is perfect for you, regardless of your face shape or hair texture. So, never stop trying something new, and never pass up the chance to add a twist, make a change, and get your hair game at its peak!

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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