Do Bantu Knots Cause Breakage

Bantu knots are popularly known because they supposedly help hair grow. But, do Bantu knots cause hair breakage? It’s good food for thought and needs to be discussed in detail to clear the air over the style.  

Do Bantu knots lead to hair breakage

Do Bantu knots lead to hair breakage

In general terms, Bantu knots are not supposed to result in hair breakage. It’s considered a protective hairstyle as it tucks in the ends of the strands inside keeping them away from outside danger. 

But there are some simple yet fundamental prerequisites to the statement mentioned above. Your hair needs to be prepared in the best way possible before you install the style. Only then you will stay safe from hair breakage.  

And even after the installation, you need to maintain it in the most stringent manner, otherwise, your hair will obviously show signs of breakage. 

Tips to avoid hair breakage from Bantu knots

1. Do not install Bantu knots on wet hair

install Bantu knots on wet hair

Do not even think of styling your wet hair. You should wait at least forty minutes to one hour for your hair to dry after washing. Your hair is at its most vulnerable position when it is drenched in water. Creating knots on dripping hair will cause severe friction and in turn, hair loss.

Yes, you can certainly start styling your hair when it is damp. The subtle amount of water in your hair, when it is almost dried up, is probably the perfect stage to get them styled. This way the strands will take up the shape you are looking for.   

2. Be wise with the products you use

No one is telling you to dump all the styling products you use. You just have to be careful about what you are using. Do proper research on the contents of the hair gel or spray you are looking to apply. 

Products that are too heavy will damage the texture of your hair and thereby cause breakage.

3. Use leave-in-conditioner 

Use leave-in-conditioner

Go for the Playa Monoi Milk Leave-In-Conditioner is a magically light and safe leave-in-conditioner, that’s low on chemicals and provides amazing results. It moisturizes your hair so that the hair doesn’t drag and break. 

Leave-in-conditioners are really effective in carrying Bantu knots. But do remember the point that has been mentioned just before this. Do not choose a heavy leave-in-conditioner that’s high in chemical content. 

4. Avoid the usage of rubber bands

Do not use rubber bands to hold the position of your Bantu knots. Rubber bands might have the strength to do the job, but they are too aggressive on your hair. The hair strands can rub against the band and become weak.

Avoid the usage of rubber bands

Being too harsh with the hair will result in hair fall and weaken your scalp. You will not be able to install other styles either. A lot of time will go into repairing your weakened scalp. 

5. Be careful during the installation

Move your fingers carefully during installation. The slightest of errors can cost a lot. It is really easy to overpower the knots. But doing so will increase the stretch on the strand and eventually come off or break. 

You obviously do not have to keep it too loose, otherwise how on earth will knots take shape? But just see if you feel a slight pain in a particular spot or region. If you do you need to go easy on that.

Move your fingers carefully

6. Avoid retwisting 

Regularly massage your scalp with gentle strokes, and apply tad bits of warm oil on the scalp, to ensure the moisture remains and the hair does not get overtwisted. Overtwisting will lead to a rise in tension and loss of hair. 

Avoid retwisting

If you feel that your hair is getting messy or frizzy, they are probably retwisting and you should uninstall the knots as soon as possible. Being stubborn in such cases is only going to hurt you

7. Maintain your Bantu knots properly

You should apply warm oil to the roots of your Bantu knots every night before sleep. This way the tension will ease and the style will stay intact. Not giving any attention will make it painful for you.

And another step you can take to avoid hair breakage during sleep is to cover your head with a scarf. A silky fabric or satin fabric to be precise is ideal in this scenario. 


How long do Bantu knots last?

Bantu knots last for an average of four days. You can stretch it up to five or seven days, but that really depends on the condition of your hair. It is better not to prolong the endurance of the style forcibly.

Can you use styling products on Bantu knots?

Yes, you definitely can. But do not go overboard with the products as they put immense pressure on your hair. Your hair’s already dealing with the Bantu knots, so be sensitive about what you apply and how much. 


Bantu knots by definition are not supposed to cater to hair breakage. But the fact that most people are complacent about their maintenance is the main root of the problem. It requires dedication to carry the style properly. 

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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