How Much Hair Do You Need For Box Braids

Box braids are a protective style where your hair grows while the braids protect it from breakage and daily human activities. There are several types of box braids, including Goddess, Ghana, Knotless, Poetic, and Crochet braids, to name but a few. So, how much hair do you need for box braids?

The amount of hair you need for box braids will depend on the size of the braids, the style you want, and the thickness of your hair. For example, if you have thin hair, you may need less hair than someone with thick hair. Generally, you will need between 4 and 6 packs of hair for box braids.

What Braiding Hair Is Good For Box Braids?

What Braiding Hair Is Good For Box Braids?

The most preferred hair for creating box braids is kanekalon hair. It is fine quality hair that has a feel like that of natural hair after blow-drying. This natural feel and quality of the synthetic hair work in many box-braids styles, making it a top choice for many stylists.

Below are several brands offering kanekalon hair in the local and online market.

  1. X-pressions Premium Original Ultra Braid is 100 percent kanekalon though it is a little smoother, softer, and more expensive than the kanekalon hair.
  2. The 3x Ruwa Pre-Stretched Braid by Sensationnel is also kanekalon and has a good feel and texture.
  3. Innocence EZ Braid Pre-Stretched It is also kanekalon and is antibacterial for people who get skin irritation.
  4. The Sassy Collection Kanekalon Jumbo Braid is good for jumbo width box braids, and it is 100 percent synthetic hair.

How Much Hair Should I Buy for Braids?

How Much Hair Do You Need For Box Braids

The amount of hair you buy should be based on several factors. You will need to consider the aspects below to get it right.

  1. The style you intend to put. Some styles require more braids than others.
  2. The length and width of the hairstyle.
  3. The box sizes are either small or big, whereas in most cases, smaller boxes use less.
  4. Head size. Kids’ heads use fewer braids compared to adults.

In most cases, four to six packs of hair should be enough for medium-sized box braids.

What Length Hair For Box Braids?

What Length Hair For Box Braids?

Box braids can be done in multiple lengths, from neck length, which starts from 12 inches. You can also do floor length, which is 60 inches and over. Hair length may vary with width though it depends on the hair type you use. Below are more details on different braid lengths for medium-width box braids and jumbo-width box braids.

1. Medium Width

Medium-width box braids are usually around 10mm, which is the same size as gift packaging strap ribbons. People with thin hair can wear medium-width braids because they don’t cause too much tension on their natural hair. With medium width, you can use one bundle pack of six packs for shoulder and mid-back length.

I. Shoulder Length

For shoulder length, you can use up to six packs of the pre-stretched braid with a length between 12 – 16 inches.

II. Mid-Back Length

For Mid back length, use 24 – 28 inches of pre-stretched braids. You will use up to six packs of the braids.

 III. Hip-Butt Length

Hip-Butt length requires 36 – 48 inches of pre-stretched braiding hair. Using the suggested hair lengths, you can end up braiding with six packs of these kanekalon braids.

2. Jumbo Width

Jumbo size measures around 22mm in diameter, the same size as the size of a watch band or twelve spaghetti sticks. The jumbo width doesn’t give you much access to your scalp and can last up to six weeks. They are fast to install and are not recommended for people with thin or small natural hair.

 I. Shoulder Length

Shoulder length for jumbo width should be between 12 – 16 inches of pre-stretched braids and can use up to six packs.

II. Mid-Back Length

Mid-back length should be between 24 – 28 inches of pre-stretched braids and can use up to seven packs.

III. Hip-Butt Length

Hip-butt length requires seven packs of pre-stretched braids between 36 and 48 inches.

How Much Hair Do You Need For Small Box Braids?

How Much Hair Do You Need For Small Box Braids?

In most cases, six to eight packs are enough for a full head of small box braids. Check the right texture for your hair type to avoid breakage during and after installation.

Small box braids are the best option for people with thin hair because bigger braids can cause too much tension on the hair and break its roots.

what kind of hair to use for goddess box braids

The type of hair you use for goddess box braids can greatly affect the overall look of your hairstyle. If you want your braids to look their best, it’s important to choose the right type of hair. Here are some of the best hair types to use for goddess box braids:

I. Synthetic hair

This type of hair is often used for goddess box braids because it’s easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. However, synthetic hair can sometimes look fake and it doesn’t always hold up well over time.

II. Human hair

Human hair is the best type of hair to use for goddess box braids because it looks the most natural. It’s also the most durable type of hair, so it will last longer than synthetic hair. However, human hair can be more expensive than synthetic hair.

III. Animal hair

It can be used for goddess box braids, but it’s not as common as synthetic or human hair. Animal hair can be difficult to work with and it doesn’t always look natural.

Do Box Braids Protect Your Hair?

Do Box Braids Protect Your Hair?

Box braids are a protective hairstyle because it protects your hair from daily manipulation. The added braids also protect your hair from split ends, heat, and humidity damage as it grows.

With some styles lasting over six weeks, the hair is free from human actions like brushing and has time to grow several inches longer.

Use this protective time to moisturize your natural hair. With small and medium size box widths giving enough space to access your scalp, do regular cleaning and massage.

When the time comes to remove the braids, don’t hesitate because if kept longer than usual, it can result in the breaking of the fragile strands.


When it comes to hair, you probably are not yet convinced how much you need for box braids. You don’t want to buy them in excess or end up disappointed after buying less. Below are directly related questions that will give you greater insight.

Is My Hair Long Enough For Box Braids?

Typically, hair should be two inches or more for simple and slightly painful braiding. However, some stylists can braid hair that is less than two inches long, which sometimes is painful and can cause hair breakage.

Some stylists have also worked on hair that is one inch long which depends on their experience and grip.

Can You Do Box Braids With 3 Packs Of Hair?

Braid hair is packed in different amounts and sizes in various companies. If you buy braids from a company that packs a lot of hair in one pack, it will be possible to do your box braids in fewer packs.

Also, if you install smaller or medium-sized box sizes, you will use fewer packs of braids as opposed to jumbo sizes.

How Many Packs Of Hair For Faux Locs?

Faux locs come out best if done with faux locs or goddess locs hair. To complete the whole head, you can use up to five packs of this hair. Faux locs hair is available in a pack of six, so you can use the remaining one if you like lush hair and don’t mind the extra weight. Even though kanekalon is synthetic hair, they usually don’t make natural looking faux locs.

How To Section Hair For Box Braids?

To section hair for box braids, use a wide-tooth comb to create four sections. These sections should be even and straight; the reason it is advised you do this part in front of a mirror. Use gel to make your hair moist and simple to blend with the braids. From there, follow these simple steps:

  • Use the pointed end of a rat tail comb to create smaller sections
  • Run it backward, making a half inch for small or medium-sized box braids
  • Create two-inch sections if you’re making sections for large or jumbo-sized braids
  • Comb the sectioned part to keep it straight and free from flyaways
  • Use a rubber band to tie the remaining sections before working on them
Are Box Braids Good For Natural Hair?

Box braids are known to protect natural hair while it grows. However, if too much tension is put on your natural hair during the braiding process, you can suffer from hair loss. People with thin hair are also discouraged from wearing jumbo or large-size braids because their hair is more likely to break under high pressure.

With constant maintenance and care, your natural hair grows healthy below the protection of these braids.

Why Do Box Braids Make Your Hair Grow?

Box braids make hair grow by protecting it from human actions, heat and humidity damage. Well-maintained box braids can go up to six weeks as your natural hair grows by inches. The sectioning done during braiding also gives your natural hair space and air to grow. Growth speed depends on genetics and lifestyle factors like diet and stress.

Can You Use Marley Hair For Box Braids?

Synthetic fibers called kanekalon are utilized in making Marley hair. These types of hair are adequate for making box braids hairstyles. Marley hair is available in a variety of colors and lengths.

This hair can be washed and reused though you should check the labels before buying. Marley hair is used to make ponytail braid hairstyles and cornrows.

what hair to use for bohemian box braids

Bohemian box braids are a gorgeous and unique way to style your hair. If you’re thinking about trying this look, it’s important to choose the right hair for the style.

The best hair for bohemian box braids is loose, wavy, and natural-looking. You can use synthetic hair, but it’s important to choose a high-quality option that looks realistic. If you have straight hair, you can achieve the perfect look by curling your hair before you start braiding.

Why Do My box Braids Look Frizzy?
  • The type of hair you use matters. If you use synthetic hair, it will frizz more easily than real human hair.
  • The way you braid your hair can also contribute to frizz. If you braid too tightly, it can pull on your hair and damage the follicles, leading to frizz.
  • The products you use can also cause frizz. If you use products with alcohol or other harsh chemicals, they can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to frizz.
Is it cultural appropriation if a white woman wears box braids

It is not considered cultural appropriation if a white woman wears box braids. Box braids are a popular hairstyle all over the world, and they have been worn by women of all races for centuries. Additionally, many argue that box braids are a welcome cultural export- they can be seen as a sign of appreciation and respect for the culture from which they originated.

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Box braids are becoming more and more popular in modern days. This hairstyle is available in many lengths and colors that fit perfectly for multiple careers and events.

The ability to restyle this hairstyle into multiple styles is another aspect that makes hair fanatics love it even more. When you’re ready to rock your box braids, you’ll always ask- how much hair do you need for box braids?

To get this subject right, you need to know the correct hair you need. As explained above, you may use anywhere between four to ten packs depending on the brand and hair length. Multiple brands offer these synthetic hairs that will match your dream hairstyle, and it is up to you to choose wisely.

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