What Kind Of Hair To Use For Box Braids

Most women who want to install the box braid protective style come across the questions like what kind of hair to use for box braids

For installing the box braid, you should look for soft and silky types of hair extensions that are made of high-quality material. In that case, kanekalon and human hair can be your best pick.

But how many packs of hair do you need? Is it good for your natural hair to install box braids? What should you consider while buying extensions? Read along to find all the answers you’re looking for.

What Box Braids Look Like?

What Kind Of Hair To Use For Box Braids

Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, you can always opt for box braids. Generally, box braids look like many thick strands of hair on the head.

Besides, box braids are versatile enough that you can easily make braids, buns, ponytails, or any other hairstyle with this protective style. There are usually two methods for box braids: traditional box braids and knotless box braids.

What Box Braids Look Like

In the traditional installation method, you wrap the hair extension with your natural hair. On the contrary, the extension is incorporated into your hair’s base without a knot in the knotless method. 

Is Box Braids Good For Your Hair?

A lot of people complain about damaging their real hair after getting a protective style like box braids. 

But to be honest, your hair will only damage when you install the braid with too much extension and tension or remove the braids improperly. However, here are some tips from professionals to make box braids good for your hair:

1. Install The Braid Through Professionals

The process can be time-consuming, but sitting on the salon chair for a long time and getting your box braids done through professionals is worth it. However, before you get your appointment, ask for pictures of their previous works and, if possible, talk to their clients.

2. Go For Knotless Installation Method

Large knots to install box braids can lead to traction alopecia which causes hair losses. But you can prevent hair loss with the knotless installing method. However, the knotless process may take a long time to install.

3. Use Right Hair Care Products

Add hydration, moisture, clarifying shampoo, and deep conditioner to your hair care product list to keep your hair healthy with box braids. Also, maintain a hot oil massage once a week to relieve your scalp from itching.

4. Remove Box Braids On Time

Removing your braids on time is vital to protect your hair from damage. You should take down your box braids after 8 weeks and ensure you soften the build-up on your head to prevent hair loss.

How Many Pack Of Hair For Box Braids?

How Many Pack Of Hair For Box Braids?

Depending on the brand, you should be able to cover your head within 10 packs of hair. For example, if you use kanekalon hair, you need 8 or 10 packs of hair. Again, you need only 4 to 6 bags of X-Pressions hair to cover your entire head.

Best Hair For Braiding Box Braids

The best type of hair for box braids is 100% kanekalon jumbo braid hair. In case you have an allergy to synthetic hair, we suggest you go for kinky human hair (4B). Real human hair is also an excellent choice for better styling.

However, remember that human hairs are more expensive and challenging to seal with hot water. 

Here are the top 6 hair extension for your box braid protective style:

1. BEFUNNY Pre Stretched Synthetic Braiding Hair

BEFUNNY Pre Stretched Synthetic Braiding Hair


  • Lightweight and shed proof.


  • Gets tangled easily.

If you want lightweight, soft, and sleek hair for braiding box braids, BEFUNNY Pre-Stretched Braiding hair is your best pick. This extension with Yaki texture makes it super easy to braid and manage. They offer you multiple color options to pick according to your desire.


Color is perfect, texture is easy to braid, each pack was full, length was perfect! Even came with charms! I will order again!”

2. CHK Soft Yaki Texture Synthetic Black Braiding Hair

CHK Soft Yaki Texture Synthetic Black Braiding Hair


  • Sweat-resistant and as soft as human hair.


  • It can make your scalp itchy.

CHK offers a soft, straight, and lightweight hair extension, which is similar to natural hair. It’s difficult to keep hair detangled while braiding, but CHK made it possible to braid hair tangle-free with a fresh braiding look.


This hair is very soft and easy to work with. It is lightweight and has the nicest braiding hair I have ever used. Love it!”

3. Forevery Crochet Box Braids Hair With Curly Ends 

Forevery Crochet Box Braids Hair With Curly Ends 


  • Beginners with curly hair will find it easy to braid.


  • Get frizzy eventually.

This hair is manufactured with flame-retardant, premium, and low-temperature synthetic fiber. With this hair, you can enjoy a neat and voluminous appearance with wavy ends.


“I love this hair & I’ve gotten a lot of compliments.”

4. URNice Prelooped Crochet Box Braids Hair With Curly Ends

URNice Prelooped Crochet Box Braids Hair With Curly Ends


  • Offer you a neat and professional braiding look with curly ends.


  • 1 pack of hair isn’t enough to fill your head

If you want to try boho box braids, this hair extension is your ideal choice. This hair is tangle-free, odor-free, and easy to maintain, and gives you multiple color options to choose from.


My head is extremely BIG!!! Hair is soft and worth it, but I recommend you buy 2 orders for a full head!”

5. Refind Hair Box Braids Crochet Braiding Hair With Long Curly Ends

Refind Hair Box Braids Crochet Braiding Hair With Long Curly Ends


  • Add extra bounce to the hair.


  • Contains an odd smell.

Anyone with wavy or curly can opt for this hair for long box braids. It comes with hair rings and a crochet hook, which makes it easy to install for novice braiders.


“Perfectly woven. Realistic looking. Saved time and money.”

6. Ronsaen Box Braid Crochet Hair

Ronsaen Box Braid Crochet Hair


  • Shiny, straight, and pre-looped hair offer neat braids.


  • Ends are stiff and sharp.

This pre-looped crochet braid by Ronsaen is made of kanekalon synthetic fiber with a tight and neat top. It can give you a natural, fuller, bouncy, and healthy braiding appearance.


“These worked out well for me. Plus they were easy and quick to install. No smell was a bonus.”

What To Consider While Choosing Hair For Box Braids?

What To Consider While Choosing Hair For Box Braids?

Here are some common things that you should consider while choosing hair extension for your box braids:

1. Standard Synthetic Vs. Kanekalon Fibers

Usually, standard synthetic hair is made of low-quality material, which makes them super affordable but feels like plastic when you touch them. In contrast, kanekalon hairs are made of premium quality fiber and expensive, but they are soft, silky, and reusable.

2. Odors And Scalp Sensitivity

After a certain period, box braids can smell bad. That’s why the hair should be soft and easily washable to eliminate the bad odor. Plus, some people can be allergic to synthetic hair, so you should test the extension before using the hair.

3. Frizzing, Tangling, Fluffing, Unravelling, And Tapering

These are the common problems you may face when using a cheap hair extension. To avoid these issues, go for pre-stretched hair that is easy to blend and saves a lot of time.

Pre-stretched kanekalon hairs are best for box braids as those are smooth, silky, and give a neat appearance without any frizz.

4. Texture And Thickness

Some hair extensions’ texture is coarse or rough and feels dry like synthetic. Those hair extensions won’t last long, and you may need to apply more and more products to keep them soft.

Consequently, it’ll increase product build-up, and you may need to take them quicker than expected. Hence, the texture should be soft, and the thickness should be moderate according to the price.

5. Restyling/Reusing And Longevity

No matter what brand you choose, you must ensure the high quality of the hair. Generally, good-quality hair extensions are a bit pricey, but they last longer, and you can even reuse the hair for your next box braid installation.


How long does your hair have to be to get box braids?

There’s no specific rule, but you must have at least 2 inches of long hair to lock the extension. 

How long does it take to take down box braids?

Depending on your desired box braids length and thickness, you may need around 7-10 hours to complete the installation process.

How long should I keep my box braids in?

Professionals always suggest keeping box braids in for 4 to 6 weeks and a maximum of 2 months.

are box braids uncomfortable

No, box braids are not uncomfortable. In fact, they can be quite comfortable if you take the time to get them done correctly. If you do them the wrong way, however, they can be very painful.

Why are box braids bad for straight hair?

Box braids on straight hair can cause more breakage than installing box braids on curly hair.

Can you do box braids with eco gel

Yes, you can do box braids with eco gel. Eco gel is a styling gel that helps you create bouncy, shiny box braids. It’s a vegan product and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

What hair to use for box braids with curly ends?

You can use curly kanekalon braiding hair or make your extension’s ends curl manually.

Which is better: Faux Locs or Box Braids?

Faux locs wins the battle between box braids vs faux locs. It’s because faux locs create less stress and look more natural as they get old compared to box braids.

do you dip goddess box braids in hot water

It is not recommended to dip your goddess box braids in hot water as it can damage the hair. The heat can cause the braids to loosen and the hair to become brittle.

How long do boho box braids last?
How long do boho box braids last?

Boho box braids can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. The key to making them last is to take care of them properly. This means washing them regularly, moisturizing them, and keeping them away from heat styling tools.

what color box braids look good on dark skin

Brown and black box braids are a popular style for women with dark skin tones. This style gives a natural look and can be easily styled using a few products. Box braids can be worn loose or secured with a hair tie. They are a great way to add texture and body to your hair.

Should I get braids or dreads?

It depends on your hair type, desired look, and lifestyle. Some people prefer braids because they are easier to maintain and can be styled in many different ways. Dreads can also be easy to style, but they may require more time and care than braids. Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

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So what kind of hair to use for box braids, and how many packs of hair do you need to cover your head with box braids? You now know that kanekalon hair is the best hair extension die box braids. 

However, remember your need to maintain your box braids to keep your natural hair healthy. 

By Cindy Mahlangu

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