Can You Use Crochet Hair For Box Braids

You can create crochet braids in multiple patterns, such as twists, curls, or braids. Most women go for box braids for crochet braid patterns. But can you use crochet hair for box braids?

Synthetic hair is usually used for creating crochet braids, and box braids can be braided with any type of high-quality hair. So yes, you can use crochet hair, aka synthetic hair, for box braids.

But are crochet box braids heavy? How long do crochet box braids last? How to keep the braids away from frizzing? Read along to find the answers.

What Are Crochet Box Braids?

What Are Crochet Box Braids

Crochet braiding method is different from other protective styles as the strands of this method can be curls, braids, or twisted. And you need to sew the extension with your hair to install crochet braids.

Since you have to sew the extensions, cornrows and box braids are widely used as the foundation of crochet braids. After installing the hair, make box braids on your extension to create crochet box braids.

Do Crochet Braids Look Natural?

Can You Use Crochet Hair For Box Braids

By choosing the right hair and installation method, you can make your crochet braids look natural. 

When you wear crochet braids, follow these below tips for natural crochet braids:

  • Go for invisible knots.
  • Choose pre-curled hair extensions or Kanekalon hair with curly ends.
  • Keep some baby hair out on the edges.
  • Pull hair up using a rat tail comb to make them look natural.

How Many Packs Of Hair For Crochet Box Braids?

Synthetic hair is mostly suitable for crochet braids. However, how many packs of hair you need for the style depends on the look you want to create. Generally, 5 to 8 packs of synthetic hair are enough for the look. If you want a fuller look and long hair like knee-length, you may need 10 packs of hair.

Are Crochet Box Braids Heavy?

Are Crochet Box Braids Heavy?

Yes, crochet box braids are heavy, similar to traditional box braids. But crochet box braids create more tension on the scalp because you hang the hair by sewing the extensions instead of braiding them with the hair.

How To Do Crochet Box Braids?

How To Do Crochet Box Braids

Here is a beginner-friendly step-by-step process of how to create crochet box braids:

  • First, section your hair into two parts from ear to ear evenly and apply hair gel to set.
  • Now, divide a small section into two parts, then twist them.
  • Again take a section and separate it into two in the same row, place the first twist in the middle, and braid the three strands. Follow this method to braid the first section of your hair.
  • Now take the braided end of the first section and again braid them with the second section of hair, following the simple cornrow braiding method.
  • Take your crochet box braided hair extension and a crochet needle, then insert the needle through the cornrow braids.
  • Open the extension head a little and stick it with the hook.
  • Pull the needle out with the extension through the cornrows.
  • Now, don’t remove the hair; instead, press the needle in and place the end of the extension on the hook.
  • Pull the hook out with the end through the head of the extension to create a knot.
  • Follow the same procedure to install all the extensions on your head.

Crochet Braids Vs Box Braids

Crochet Braids Vs Box Braids

Generally, there is only a few difference between crochet braids and box braids. Such as:

  • Hair type: You can use any hair extension to create box braids. In contrast, you need to sew synthetic hair to create crochet braids.
  • Installation time: Crochet braids take 3 to 5 hours to install, whereas box braids need 4 to 8 hours.
  • Cost: If you’re on a tight budget and you want to create a protective style, crochet braids are an affordable option for you than box braids.

Best Braid Pattern For Crochet Box Braids

Cornrows and box braids are the best braid pattern for crochet box braids. You can choose one of these braided patterns as the foundation of crochet braids according to your ease and preference.

How Long Do Crochet Box Braids Last?

Just like any other protective hairstyle, crochet box braids also need to be taken off after a certain amount of time. You should keep the crochet box braids for 6 to 8 weeks.

How To Keep Crochet Box Braids From Frizzing?

Maintenance is the key to protecting your crochet box braids from frizzing. Here are some tips you can follow to keep frizzing away:

  • Use hydrating hair care products.
  • Apply a deep conditioner and sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Set frizzy hairs using a hair gel or pomade.
  • Wear a silk bonnet before bed.

Aztec-inspired patterns and designs into extension box braids

Incorporating Aztec-inspired patterns and designs into extension box braids can create a unique and visually stunning hairstyle. Here are some popular Aztec-inspired patterns and designs that you can consider:

1. Geometric Shapes

Aztec designs often feature intricate geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, diamonds, and zigzag patterns. You can incorporate these shapes by braiding the extensions in specific patterns or by using colored hair extensions to create contrasting shapes within the braids.

2. Sun and Moon Motifs

The sun and moon hold great significance in Aztec culture. You can include these symbols by adding small charms, beads, or jewelry depicting sun and moon shapes to your box braids. Additionally, you can create patterns resembling sun rays or lunar phases within the braids.

3. Feather Motifs

Feathers were highly revered in Aztec culture and were often used in headdresses and accessories. You can incorporate feather-like patterns into your box braids by braiding or weaving extensions in a way that resembles feathers. You can also add feather charms or feather-shaped beads for a more detailed look.

4. Serpent Designs

Snakes and serpents played a prominent role in Aztec mythology. You can incorporate serpent designs by braiding or twisting the extensions to resemble the curves and scales of a snake. Adding snake-shaped beads or charms can further enhance the design.

5. Aztec Symbols

Aztec civilization had a rich array of symbols, many of which were used in their artwork and architecture. Incorporate these symbols by braiding extensions in specific patterns that resemble Aztec symbols, such as glyphs, calendars, or masks.

6. Mosaic-Inspired Patterns

Aztec art is known for its intricate mosaic patterns. You can mimic this style by combining different colors of hair extensions to create a mosaic effect within the braids. Use contrasting colors and alternate between them in a deliberate pattern.


Do crochet braids damage your hair?

With the right installation method, proper maintenance, and taking it off at the right time won’t damage your hair .

Do crochet braids hurt?

Yes, crochet braids hurt just like box braids. When you install the braids, you need to hand the extension by sewing or knotting it with your real hair. Hence, it can cause pain in your scalp.

Do crochet braids cause breakage?

You need to make the braided foundation of crochet braids tight so that your extension doesn’t get loose. Therefore, crochet braids can cause breakage.

Can crochet braids get wet?

Yes, you can wash your crochet braids as much as you want. But make sure you don’t pull the hair down or put pressure on the hair much as it can make the extension loose.

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So you now have the answer can you use crochet hair for box braids, and if crochet braids look normal or not? Box braids can be braided with both synthetic hair and human hair. You don’t have to worry about the hair if you want to create crochet box braids.

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