What Are Goddess Braids?

A gorgeous updo of goddess braids can draw all attention to you. Besides, goddess braid styles are also trending among women worldwide. If you’re new to protective style, you may have questions like “what are goddess braids?”.

Goddess braids are similar to thicker cornrows, but these braids are big, raised higher, and start braiding from the scalp like box braids. You can wear these braids in a bun style anywhere you go, whether you’re going to functions, the office, or even the gym.

But what are the benefits of this protective style, how to make them, and how long do they last? Read on to find your answer.

What does goddess braids look like

Goddess braids are a style of cornrows that are thicker and more voluminous than traditional cornrows. They typically have a straight back, and their defining characteristic is rope-like braids.

advantages of goddess braids

There are many advantages to wearing goddess braids.

  • First and foremost, they are much lighter than other styles of braids, so you don’t have to worry about neck pain or headache.
  • There is a very low risk of traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by hairstyles that place tension on the hair follicles.
  • Goddess braids are also extremely easy to wear in any place. You can go to the gym, work at your office, or attend any event – no place will be a problem for this style.
  • Goddess braids are very convenient to maintain; there’s hardly any upkeep involved. Unlike most other styles of braids, goddess braids are not static – you can create lots of unique looks with them.

The History Of Goddess Braids

The History Of Goddess Braids

Goddess braids first originated back in the time of Ancient Africa. This hair braided style was the symbol of precision, creativity, and artwork during that time. Goddess braid style is generally oversized traditional cornrows with a comparable history.

You braid hair extensions and hair jewelry with your natural hair in this style. Just like cornrows and box braids, goddess braids also start from the scalp.

However, goddess braids use a spiral-like pattern to braid hair, for which goddess braids are often confused with Ghana braids. But these two braided hair fashion has some significant dissimilarities.

How Are Goddess Braids Different From Other Types Of Braids?

 Goddess Braids Different From Other Types Of Braids

There are many braided styles that look like goddess braids. And among all the braiding hair methods, cornrows, traditional box braids, and Ghana braids are mostly confused with goddess braids.

However, these braids have some subtle differences. Here is the difference between goddess braids, cornrows, box braids, and Ghana braids:

Cornrow vs Goddess: Goddess braids are thicker braids, while regular cornrows are less thicker than goddess braids.

Box Braids vs Goddess Braids: Compared to box braids, goddess braids are soft, fluffy, and more feminine. In contrast, box braids are rope-like long cornrow style braids that usually lay low on the scalp.

Ghana Braids vs Goddess Braids: The goddess style includes a twist pattern like a spiral which makes it look similar to Ghana braids. But goddess braid style can be bigger or micro braids, which you can’t do with Ghana braids.

Goddess braids vs bohemian braids: Both goddess and bohemian braids contain hanging curls or waves in each locs. But the goddess braids’ uniformed length is different than bohemian braids. Also, bohemian braids are thicker and shinier extension textures than goddess braids.

Bohemian box braids vs goddess box braids: There is no real dissimilarity between bohemian box braids and goddess box braids; the only difference is in the technique. Goddess box braids will have a curl at the end and give you a uniform look, while boho box braid are not uniform and are more casual locs.

what type of hair do you use for goddess braids

There are many types of hair that can be used for goddess braids. You can use kanekalon hair, which is synthetic, or you can use a bulk amount of human hair if you can afford it. Human hair will give you a more natural look than the other options.

Can Goddess Braids Be Knotless

Yes, you can make knotless goddess braids, and currently, knotless goddess braids’ hairstyles are the most lightweight and trendy. If you have thick and long hair, it may take between 5 to 7 hours to make knotless goddess braids.

However, this knotless style goddess braid can last more than three months. But your hair texture, thickness, and maintenance play a vital role in determining how long knotless goddess braids will last.

can you get goddess braids wet

If you get your goddess braids wet, they will become tangled and matted. This will make your head feel heavy, and it might give you a headache. Additionally, the water might cause an odor, and it could make your scalp itchier than usual.

What Are The Benefits Of Goddess Braids

Benefits Of Goddess Braids

Here are some key benefits of wearing goddess braids compared to other braided styles:

1. Goddess hairstyles don’t take a long time to complete the braiding hair method. If you want small goddess braids, it’ll take only an hour to complete. In comparison, long goddess braids may take 5 or 6 hours to complete.

2. This hairstyle requires low maintenance . All you have to ensure is oil, wash your goddess braids, and cover your entire head while sleeping.

3. You can attain a carefree beauty with goddess braids. If you make big goddess braids, it’ll give you a bohemian goddess box braids vibe.

4. Goddess braids are inexpensive and give you long-term protection for up to two months.

How To Create A Goddess Braid Hairstyle

How To Create A Goddess Braid Hairstyle

Before you start branding your hair into goddess braids, you should first gather all the required things. You need shampoo, conditioner, gel, comb, synthetic hair, and gold hair cuffs.
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do goddess braid style like french braids:

  1. Prepare Your Hair and Supplies: Wash your hair and dry hair completely. 
  2. Detangle and Divide Your Hair: Comb and detangle your natural hair.
  3. Create Three Equal Strands: Now comb your synthetic hair using fingers and divide hair into two sections. One section of hair will be thicker than the other one. Now wrap the thinner section in the middle of the thick hair strand to create three equal strands.
  4. Choose Synthetic Hair and Section Your Hair: You can use kanekalon hair or wavy hair to make goddess braids with curls. If you have black hair but want blonde goddess braids or red goddess braids, choose the color of your synthetic hair accordingly.
  5. Decide on Number of Braids: Next, decide whether you want three goddess braids or four goddess braids, then part your natural hair into even sections. You can also make double french braids style for double goddess braids.
  6. Apply Edge Control Gel: Apply some edge control gel to set the front section of hair if they’re frizzy. You can keep your baby hairs out if you want.
  7. Begin Braiding with Extensions: Now take a small section of hair in the front part and place the extension hair behind it. Place the third strand of extension by your hair way and place the other two strands of thicker hair side-by-side.
  8. Follow French Braiding Method: Next, follow the french braids method to complete your braiding hair method. This process with hair extension is also known as feed-in braids.
  9. Add Hair Accessories and Cuffs: Add hair accessories or golden cuffs in between the process to give your thick braids a glam.
  10. Create Voluminous Goddess Braids: Lastly, pull the strand outward a bit to create voluminous braids.

How Long Do Goddess Braids Last

Creating cute goddess braids style may take you 4 to 6 hours, but once you complete the braiding hair method, they’ll last 4 to 8 weeks.

However, we recommend not to have this protective style on your head for up to six weeks. This way, you can prevent your hair from getting damaged.

  • How long do knotless goddess braids last– Like other braids, knotless goddess braids usually last for between two to three months with salon maintenance. However, if you leave them in for longer than that, it might cause damage to your hair. So it’s best to get them retwisted or re-braided every few weeks to keep them looking their best.
  • How long does goddess box braids last- Goddess braids are a popular style for box braids that can easily last up to three weeks. They are often worn by women who want a more low-maintenance style.


What type of hair do I need for two-toned goddess braids?

To create two goddess braids, you can use kanekalon hair, wavy hair, or curly locs crochet hair to make thick goddess braids. If you want chunky cornrows style goddess braids, use chunky braids extensions with curly ends for a gorgeous look.

Are goddess braids versatile?

Yes, you can make multiple goddess braid hairstyle, such as goddess braids updo, low goddess braided bun or high bun, goddess braids ponytail, ombre goddess braids, large goddess box braids, cornrow goddess braids, and so on.

How do you jumbo goddess braid?

First part your hair, apply some styling gel to set the hairline, add your synthetic hair, and start making your jumbo goddess braids. The jumbo braiding process may take an hour to complete.

What curly hair is used for Goddess braids?

Kanekalon hair is widely used for goddess braids. If you dislike curly strands, you can also look for much less wavy hair extension or use chunky braids hair with curly ends for goddess braids.

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Now you have ideas about what are goddess braids, how they are different, and how to make goddess braids. Just like other braided hairstyles, you need to take care of goddess braids, wash them with sulfate-free shampoo and apply deep conditioner afterwards.

Whether you make box braids, cornrows, or crochet goddess braids, you can add colorful extensions to your dark hair and make them look more gorgeous.

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