Can You Get Goddess Braids Wet?

Goddess braids are similar to cornrows. The major difference between them is that goddess braids are thicker. The hair in this style is braided tightly close to the scalp and appears more streamlined compared to cornrows. Goddess braid extensions are usually longer in length. 

Now, can you get goddess braids wet? The short answer is no, you can’t. It is a style that requires you to prevent them from getting wet as much as possible, as it is a protective style. 

Don’t put goddess braids in the water or in a shower, just wet them down with a spray bottle or sponge. And be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight as well; it can fade the color quickly. They’re not ideal for activities like swimming in a pool because they can get wet. So if that’s something you enjoy doing often, then this may not be the best hairstyle for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance style that still makes a statement, then goddess braids could be perfect for you. Just make sure to take care of them properly so that they last as long as possible.

Can you get goddess braids wet without ruining them?

how much does goddess braids cost

As answered in the beginning, you cannot get your goddess braids wet. And there is no specific way to get them wet without ruining them. The braids become frizzy if allowed to do so. Hence, if you are looking for a braided style that allows you to wash your hair, goddess braids should not be the choice. 

How do you keep goddess braids fresh?

How do you keep goddess braids fresh

Wear a satin headscarf when you go to bed. Similarly, wrap your pillows with satin pillow covers. The silky surface ensures that the goddess braids do not suffer any friction between them, preventing hair loss. 

Apply warm oil when the hair feels dry or itchy. Use argan oil or tea tree oil as they are mild and filled with nutrients. 

Do goddess braids get tangled?

If you wear down the goddess braids, yes, they can easily entangle with each other. Irregular maintenance leads to drying up of the braids. It is another major reason for them to tangle. Regular chemical-free hair treatments, tying up the braids with clips and bands, and application of mild hair products are easy solutions to this problem. 

What’s the best way to prepare your natural hair for goddess braids?

best way to prepare your natural hair for goddess braids
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo, and clean the scalp. Unclean hair may not complement the style.
  • Make a few sections of your hair. Make the sections a bit thick, as you need a lot of volume to create the braids. 
  • Hand comb each section to undo any minor tangles between them. Not doing so will make the styling process difficult.
  • Stretch the hair from its roots to the optimum strength. Any loose strand will end up looking like a bad braid. 

What’s the best way to wash goddess braids?

Washing your goddess braids without ruining them will be a time-consuming task. So, gather all the patience you have if you really love the style. 

Rinse the goddess braids with water slowly. Apply shampoo on the lines of the scalp that are exposed after braiding. Do not smudge over the braids too harshly. Soft strokes on the scalp will do fine. Rinse the shampoo off, and apply some serum or oil on them after drying. You can use a blow dryer but go easy on the heat.   

What’s the best way to remove goddess braids?  

The key to smoothly removing goddess braids without hair breakage or loss is to be slow. It sounds cliched, but astonishingly is the major reason for painful hair breakage. Start from the roots, and slowly pull each strand from the braid.

Cutting the braids can also be a good idea if they are too interlocked. But given that you unbraided successfully, hand comb your hair again to see if it’s actually free or not. 

Can you swim with goddess braids?

 swim with goddess braids

There is no problem with swimming with your braids on. But, that makes your scalp vulnerable to fungal germs and also ruins the braids. 

There are chemicals like chlorine in the pool that can affect your hair. Besides pool water also contains germs from other swimmers. 

To protect your goddess braids from all these problems, one option you have is to wear a swim cap. It will protect your braided hair from unraveling in the water. 

However, if your braids are strong enough, you may choose to not wear a cap. 


What Is The Difference Between Goddess And Ghana Braids?

Goddess braids can be big or small, ghana braids can only be short. Their sizes are the only major difference between them.

What’s The Difference Between Goddess Locs And Faux Locs?

Goddess locs have a more curly look on them. Faux locs look as if the hair has naturally interlocked. 

How Long Does It Take To Install Goddess Braids?

Installing goddess braids usually takes about an hour, depending on the intricacy of the pattern you want. If you’re looking for a style that is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much upkeep, this is definitely the look for you! The average cost of getting goddess braids installed is only $40.

What Happens If You Get Soft Locs Wet?

If you get soft locs wet, they will likely slip down your natural hair and expose frizzy roots after drying. This is because the styling products used to hold the locs in place will not be as effective when the hair is wet.

Can You Swim With Mermaid Locs?

Yes, you can swim with mermaid locs. It’s not recommended as they get in the way, but it is possible to do. However, if you are doing so in a pool or lake, then make sure that there isn’t any chlorine in the water. Chlorine will harm your hair and your skin.


You should try your best to not get your goddess braids wet. But if an instance does arrive, make sure you do everything to protect the style. Doing it the right way from the beginning will rule out all such restrictions. 

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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