Can You Use Styling Cream For Braids

We can’t call many things timeless, but braids have earned that title. Even though they originated over 5000 years ago, they are still a popular hairstyle. Over the years, there have been many variations of this style such as pigtail, french and dutch.

Another essential upgrade to this style is the products we use. Shampoos, oils, and gels have elevated this look to the next level.  But the question is: Can you use styling cream for braids? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, it even helps your hair by offering extra protection and a stronger hold.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, before putting anything in your hair, you need to understand the product like the back of your hand so first, we need to talk about a few basics.

Hair Gel vs. Hair Creams: What’s The Difference

Hair Gel vs. Hair Creams

People often confuse gels and creams. Even though both products are used to style hair, there are some key differences. As the name suggests, gels are sticky in nature and they offer maximum hold. As a sharp contrast, hair creams have a soft consistency and barely offer any hold compared to the former.

Hair creams often include natural ingredients and are actually good for your hair. The same can not be said about hair gels as they greatly damage your hair over constant usage. In fact, they are not even meant for daily use. You are highly suggested to exercise caution when using gels. There is a price to pay for the stronger hold.

If you are into hair care, gels are a big no-no. Creams are the way to go because of their moisturizing effects on your hair. The extra styling effort and short hold time are all worth it if you care about the long-term health of your hair.

Can I Use Any Hair Cream For Braids

Can I Use Any Hair Cream For Braids

Theoretically, any hair cream can help you braid your hair. However, for the best effects, you need a braid cream infused with pure argan oil. This oil boosts the moisturizing ability of your cream significantly and adds a signature sheen as well. Additionally, it strengthens the hold a bit.

Other hair creams are a clear downgrade as they tend to create a weak hold that may unravel by the time you leave your home.

Benefits of Using The Braid Cream

Benefits of Using The Braid Cream

Great! Now you know what type of styling cream you can use for your braid. But why would you even use one in the first place? These 3 perks are sure to convince you.

1. Added Moisture

Hair tends to get dry and frizzy. Braiding your hair allows you to retain some moisture but if your hair is too dry, tying up your hair in a braid may not make much of a difference. A styling cream adds back this lost slickness.

2. Natural Shine

The best aesthetic edge of argan oil using cream is that your hair will have a beautiful shine without the use of harsh chemicals. If you are able to apply the right amount, your locks will look luscious. Don’t overdo it though as too much product may make your hair look greasy. Less is more.

3. Better Hold

Last but not least, a cream allows you to hold your hair in one place. It controls the loose hairs and locks them in place. Its hold may not be the strongest but it will definitely do the trick for the duration of a special occasion.

Braid Styling Cream Buying Guide

Braid Styling Cream Buying Guide

The only instruction you have so far on buying styling cream for your braids is that it needs to have argan oil. Unfortunately, this information is nearly not enough to buy the right product. These 4 factors should take great importance in your decision-making process.

1. Ingredients

We already discussed this briefly when we talked about argan oil but there is more to it. You need to find a styling cream that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals such as sulfates and paraben.

2. Scent

Scent is a subjective matter. People tend to like different scents: some prefer flowery and soft fragrances, and others prefer strong musky ones. Make sure that you get a whiff of the cream before buying as a bad scent can make a cream unusable.

3. Hair Care Routine

Not all products work with each other, the rest of the materials you use for your hair is imperative to choose a cream that is right for you. Your shampoo, conditioner, and even your comb need to be suitable for the cream you are choosing. For example, you shouldn’t use a shampoo with argon oil as you’ll add too much of that oil to your hair.

4. Quantity

Hair cream is a perishable product. Using expired hair creams can actually cause hair loss and intense itchiness. Buy only as much cream as you can use within a year. Looking for a good deal may lead to bad results for your hair.

How to use styling cream for braids

How to use styling cream for braids

You are now an expert on finding the right cream for your hair. All that is left to do is to make a braid and secure it with your cream. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that, these 4 easy steps will help make killer braids.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair

The first step is to get your hair completely detangled. Tying your hair before that can cause hair damage. Simply thoroughly combing your hair should get rid of any pesky knots.

Step 2: Divide Your Hair Into Parts

Once your hair is frisk-free, you can get started on creating your braid. First, tie your hair into a single ponytail so it’s easier to manage. Now, you need to divide your hair into as many parts as you want your braid to be. Say you want a triple braid, you need to separate your hair into three parts. 

Step 3: Crisscross Each Part

This is the most difficult and lengthy step but it is the one that makes your braid. You need to overlap each part and tie them neatly downwards. It sounds easy but this is where people tend to mess up.

Step 4: Add Your Hair Cream

Once you’ve successfully made a braid, you now need to apply your hair cream. Make sure you apply just enough. Too much can ruin your hair and too little will not have any effects. Leave it in and wait to look like a superstar.

Final Words

Now you know the answer to the question, ‘Can you use styling cream for braids?’ Hair maintenance is a long and tricky process so it is important that you do your research before trying new looks. If you are trying out braids for the first time, this article is a good place to start.

Another recommendation is to phase into the process. Don’t go for overly complicated styles that strain your hair. Keep it simple and gradually ramp up to any style you see fit.

By Cindy Mahlangu

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