The Benefits of Using Clarifying Shampoo for Braids 

We all have different types of hair and they require proper maintenance. If you’re someone who struggles with greasy hair, clarifying shampoo is made just for you! The benefits of using clarifying shampoo for braids include healthy, shiny, and bouncy hair.

When you’re looking for a deep cleanse, traditional shampoo might not be the best decision. Clarifying shampoo is intended for occasional use as it contains heavy surfactants. The shampoo removes the buildup in your hair and balances the pH.

Clarifying shampoo is the best option if you want to clean your hair thoroughly. However, you should always apply it the right way.

What is a Clarifying Shampoo

What is a Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo acts as a deep cleanser that gently removes oil, dirt, and silicone buildup from your hair. The shampoo is gentler on your hair than traditional shampoos because it contains specific sulfates. Besides, it includes heavy surfactants for thorough cleansing.

The surfactants remove grease and dirt from your hair – making it light and shiny.

Clarifying shampoo contains the following surfactants:

  • Ammonium Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: This works best for excessively greasy hair.
  • Chlorides of Bromides: Slightly milder cleanser and makes your hair softer.
  • Cetyl Fatty Alcohols: Delicate cleaning effect on hair.

For those who swim in or use hard water, using clarifying shampoo can prove to be highly beneficial.

Is Clarifying Shampoo Bad for Your Braids

Is Clarifying Shampoo Bad for Your Braids

Clarifying shampoo is great for removing excess buildup, but it may have harmful effects if you don’t use it carefully.

If you use the shampoo more than a few times a week, it might make your hair dry and frizzy. You should also be cautious while using it on color-treated hair. The heavy surfactants of clarifying shampoo can ruin hair color.

Clarifying shampoo can work amazingly for your braids if you use it properly. Too much of it can dry out your scalp and make the underlying cells create more grease.

Daily Shampoo vs Clarifying Shampoo – What’s the Difference

Daily Shampoo vs Clarifying Shampoo

As the name suggests, clarifying shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair and scalp. It has fewer conditioning properties and includes a higher concentration of heavy surfactants.

Whereas daily shampoo has a lower concentration of mild surfactants. This stops your scalp from drying out. Color-safe daily shampoos protect your hair color – keeping it vibrant and healthy.

Actual clarifying shampoos aren’t meant for regular use as they can be harsh on your hair.

When Do You Need A Clarifying Shampoo

When Do You Need A Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a lifesaver if you have curly hair, as it helps to remove buildup. Your hair will have that lovely, clean, fresh feeling after every wash when you use clarifying shampoo.

1. Removing Buildup

For people with curly hair, buildup along the scalp and roots is a common problem. Buildup clogs pores on your scalp and hair follicles, which leads to breaking at the root level.

Clarifying shampoo’s nourishing ingredients revive the hair’s natural softness and bounce by repairing it.

2. Balancing pH

Your scalp needs to be at a certain pH level for perfect hydration and protection from fungal growth. A high-quality clarifying shampoo is made keeping your particular hair type in mind.

So, they can help to bring back the balance and prevent your scalp from getting too basic.

3. Exfoliating

Regular shampoos might not be as useful when it comes to bacterial buildup and stubborn grease. Thanks to clarifying shampoos, you can now find the perfect solution for a dry, flaky, or dull scalp.

Using a clarifying formula as your first wash can be beneficial if your hair wash day occurs in a cycle of 1-2 weeks and you use products or are prone to buildup.

Clarifying shampoos can do wonders for your dull hair and give it a natural shine, bounce, and softness.

Why A Clarifying Shampoo Should Be A Part of Your Braid-care Routine

Why A Clarifying Shampoo Should Be A Part of Your Braid-care Routine

Braided hair causes more buildup than regular hair and regular shampoo might not be as effective.

Clarifying shampoo, as compared to regular shampoo, has unique, soap-like chemicals that break down residue in your hair for a deep clean.

The clarifying shampoo works to remove dirt and grime from your hair and scalp so that your natural brightness can be on display!

Keep in mind that your scalp’s health is crucial! You shouldn’t skip wash day just because your hair is braided. A clarifying shampoo can save you extra trouble!

Best Clarifying Shampoo for Braids, According to Hair Experts

Best Clarifying Shampoo for Braids, According to Hair Experts

Before deep cleansing your braids, it’s important to find out the best-clarifying shampoo for your hair. According to many hair experts and renowned stylists, Tresemme Deep Cleanse Shampoo and Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo are two of the most effective ones.

It’s recommended to use the clarifying shampoo occasionally, no more than once per month. The frequency is also influenced by factors like how often you swim or whether or not your hair is very dry.

How to Use A Clarifying Shampoo

How to Use A Clarifying Shampoo

Now that you know the benefits of using clarifying shampoo, it’s time to know how to use it on your hair –

  1. Wash your hair and use your hands to get rid of the extra water.
  2. Take a bit of clarifying shampoo in your palms and apply it to your scalp.
  3. Before spreading the shampoo on your hair, massage your scalp for a couple of minutes.
  4. Let the shampoo rest in your hair for no more than 30 seconds.
  5. Rinse properly and use a conditioner for gentle cleansing.

Always make sure to read the instructions on the bottle before using a clarifying shampoo on your hair.

How Often Should I Use Clarifying Shampoo on my Braids

You shouldn’t use clarifying shampoo more than once or twice a week because it’s not as gentle as regular shampoos.

Once a Week 

If you don’t use styling products and have an oily scalp. Use clarifying shampoo once a week if you stay outside for a long time and sweat a lot.

Twice a Week 

If you’re someone who frequently uses hair styling products, use the shampoo twice every week.

You should apply to clarify shampoo once every two weeks if you have natural hair. Before purchasing the shampoo, always check the ingredients written on the packaging.

Bottom Line

Though it’s not meant for everyday use, there are benefits of using clarifying shampoo for braids. You should apply it in between days when you typically shampoo to get the best results.

A good clarifying shampoo can really bring back the life of your dull and frizzy hair. The chemical components are designed to cleanse deep and balance the pH.

Consult your hairstylist for specific product recommendations if you have special hair care needs, such as color-treated hair. Your dermatologist can also help to evaluate your overall hair health.

By Cindy Mahlangu

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