Are Goddess Braids Heavy

Braids can instantly change your appearance from a dull, rough hairstyle to a shiny and protective look. But most people have a fear of feeling heavy after installing goddess braids. Is that true?

Are goddess braids heavy? The fact is, a standard pack of goddess braids will be about 17 inches in length and weigh about 55-80g. Jumbo packs will weigh about 80-100g at most. So, this isn’t heavy at all. But still, some braids may feel heavy due to the length of extensions.

In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of goddess braids and what other effects they have on your hair.

How Much Do Goddess Braids Weigh?

How Much Do Goddess Braids Weigh?

As we have already mentioned, standard goddess braids will weigh somewhere between 55-80g. This is the average weight of goddess braids in most packs.

But if you use too much extension, the braids may feel heavier.

Are Goddess Braids Better?

Goddess braids add a flowing curl to any hair to enhance its look and feel. It is a protective style with great versatility that gives your hair the ultimate glamorous look with the least hassle. So, goddess braids are better than most other hairstyles.

The amount of maintenance required to keep the style pristine is also low. Other hairstyles may require a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain the look. But in the case of goddess braids, you can simply install and enjoy the new look without much hassle.

Are Goddess Braids Tight?

Are Goddess Braids Tight?

Goddess braids aren’t generally tight until you do thick braids. If you pull the braids too much, they might feel tighter than usual. So, the trick is to do braids with fewer strands so that they don’t feel too tight or heavy.

Do Goddess Braids Hurt?

Do Goddess Braids Hurt?

Though goddess braids can change the look a lot, they will incorporate some pain or stress if you can’t do the braids properly. After installing goddess braids, you should keep your hair loose for several days.

Pulling the hair or braids can hurt the scalp or the root of the hair. As a result, you might face pain in the head or neck, which is completely normal. To get relief from this pain, you need to take a damp, hot towel and cover your head with the towel. Rub your head lightly to loosen the braids.

You can also take a shower in lukewarm water to loosen the braids. Using leave-in conditioners will also do the work. This way, you can get relief from tight braids that hurt.

Do Goddess Braids Break Off Your Hair?

Your hair strands are made of keratin, which is very strong. Though a hair strand might look thin, it can lift up to 100g. So theoretically, one strand of your hair should carry the whole goddess braids pack.

As goddess braids are installed in a full head, the chances of goddess braids breaking off your hair are too low. But if the braids are heavier than normal, you might face hair loss due to excessive pressure braids exert on the roots of the hair.

What Do You Do If Your Goddess Braids Are Too Heavy?

If your goddess braids are way too heavy, they might be harmful to your scalp. So, you can follow these ways to handle the issue.

I. Rubbing the scalp with a hot, damp towel always helps loosen the braids. So they will feel lighter.

II. Showering in lukewarm water will give quick relief from that heavy feeling.

III. Massaging your scalp with lukewarm oil can also loosen the braids to ease the pressure.

IV. You can use a pen or a pencil to loosen braid strands. Try to do it at the roots, where the braids are the tightest.

What Can Increase the Weight of Goddess Locs on Your Head?

If you use excessive extensions for your goddess locs, they will increase the weight to a great extent. For example, if a pack of goddess braids weighs about 80g, five packs of them will weigh about 400g, which is quite heavy.

And this is the reason people say braids are heavy. Unless you are doing too much extension, goddess braids won’t be that heavy.

Do Goddess Braids Break Off Your Hair?

The Benefits of Goddess Braids

You might want to look at a few benefits of goddess braids.

  • Goddess braids can protect your hair for six to eight weeks. These braids can give you a trendy look. There are many styles and types of goddess braids, so you can find the one that is perfect for you.
  • You don’t need to maintain goddess braids so much.
  • Goddess braids can also be fun and easy to do, so they’re a great choice if you want a new hairstyle that is easy to maintain.


Goddess braids are now in style, but the main fear against them is their heaviness of the braids. Now that you know how much a pack of braids weighs and how to keep them light, it will be easier to install them.

Just remember to do everything the right way so that the braids don’t become too heavy on your head.

By Cindy Mahlangu

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