Goddess Locs VS Faux Locs

Everybody loves the look of braided extensions or dreadlocks. But they also take a toll on your hair. And this is where different types of locs come into the foray. Different types of locs help you resemble a certain braided hairstyle, making you look a complete savage.

In faux locs, the end of the strands is locked/sealed as well. They are not left free or the way it is. But in goddess locs, the split ends of the strands are left wavy or curly, or the way it is. Both of these styles can be undertaken by installing extensions. 

You must have a clear vision of what are the prerequisites of each of these styles, and prepare yourself optimally for it. Only then your hair will remain healthy as well as achieve the ideal style you have been visualizing or looking for. 

What are the differences between goddess locs and faux locs?

differences between goddess locs and faux locs
FactorsGoddess LocsFaux Locs
DefinitionGoddess locs are thick cornrows.Faux locs are freestyle dreadlocks that are completely interlocked, from the scalp to the end. 
Appearance (Their looks)Goddess locs have a wavy look. To be precise, they are curly in most cases. Faux locs are completely free in terms of their nature. They are straight and bouncy. 
OriginIt is said that goddess locs originate from Egypt. The information is backed by the finds after uncovering mummies. Faux locs draw their roots from a diversified range of geographic regions. But, the main region is Africa. 
The type of hair to be usedCan be done on your natural hair. But if you opt for extensions, then recycled human hair will be greatSynthetic hair extension of Marley or Kanekalon category is ideal. Recycled human hair extensions also work great.
Required number of packsFive to seven packs of extensions will be enough in usual cases. Five to six-packs are the sweet spot. The precise number for most people is six.
How long does it take to install these styles?It can take from thirty minutes to three hours, depending on the expertise of you or your stylist.Faux locs take quite some time. They can take from four hours to as long as nine hours to be installed.
Which one is more flexible?Goddess locs are more flexible. They can be styled into further looks and designs.Although quite versatile, not as much as goddess locs.
Which one puts more tension on your hair and scalp?Goddess locs put more tension on your scalp since they are tighter.Faux locs are not heavy in general, but they can be if they are not properly cared for or moisturized. 
Does any of them promote hair growth?Since it is a protective style, it protects the hair inside and prevents the negative factors hampering growth.No style can in itself promote hair growth. Similar to goddess locs, they just protect the hair underneath. Since those hair does not face pollution, they grow better.
Can you swim with these locs on?Yes, you can. You should wear a swim cap just to avoid any problems.You definitely can, but faux locs are more vulnerable compared to goddess locs.
Are any of these styles dyeable?Yes, you can color them. But use a herbal color. The best is to install extensions of similar dyes.Faux locs are dyeable, but only if done properly. Do not use chemical dyes, they could severely damage your hair.
Are these washable?Natural locs can be washed, and there is a process in place. For extensions, they can be washed in lukewarm water only.You need to be very delicate with washing faux locs. As mentioned earlier, they are more vulnerable to water.
WeightGoddess locs are lighter. Faux locs are not heavy, but heavier than goddess locs.
Which one is more painful to install?Goddess locs do not hurt in case of both scenarios, natural or extensions. But it needs to be done by an expert. Faux locs are more painful to be installed compared to goddess locs. 
How do you retwist them?It’s better not to retwist goddess locs. Give your hair some rest, prepare it again, and then go for a style. Faux locs can be retwisted, but the best answer to this question is to consult a stylist. If they allow, then get it done by them. 
Which style is tighter?Goddess locs are tighter. Faux locs usually are not as tight, but they can be if done on weak hair.
Are they possible to be unraveled?Yes, you can. You can, but it is quite difficult.
Which of these styles are permanent?None of these styles are permanent. Goddess locs can last for four to eight weeks. Faux locs can last for four to six weeks. It is advisable not to hold on to extensions for more than six weeks.
Cost$150 to $200$150 to $300
more versatile than faux locs

Faux locs are a more intensive style as opposed to goddess locs. They have more intricacies attached to them calling for more attention and care. Faux locs are not difficult to maintain, but they do need more nurturing when compared to goddess locs. 

Goddess locs are more versatile than faux locs. Faux locs are a style themselves, but can still be shaped into some more looks. Goddess locs are like a white canvas, you can innovate a new hairstyle from it. 

Why goddess locs should be your choice of a protective hairstyle? 

Why goddess locs should be your choice
  • Easier to maintain. Not much hassle to keep them intact.
  • You can wear them every day, anywhere you want. The locs will not be a problem for you at all. 
  • Not as heavy as other types of locs, that makes them comfortable to wear.
  • If maintained properly, it does not cause much damage to your hair or scalp. It is a major factor considering most people refrain from locs just because of this.


Difference between goddess locs and bohemian locs

Difference between goddess locs and bohemian locs

Goddess locs are more uniform in terms of length and curls. Bohemian locs are of different lengths on the same head, and that too with more curls. 

end of the strands is locked

Mermaid locs vs Boho Goddess locs

Mermaid locs are only wavy, but boho goddess locs are curly as well. Boho goddess locs are mainly crochets.

Soft locs vs Goddess locs

Soft locs are less tight, and goddess locs are tighter. Otherwise, there are many similarities within them as well. 

Faux locs vs Bohemian locs

Faux locs vs Bohemian locs

Faux locs are primarily straight, bohemian locs are wavy and curly. Bohemian is an exotic style, faux locs are more subtle.

Faux locs vs Passion twist

Passion twists cost much less to be installed than faux locs, or in fact any other types of locs or styles.

Faux locs vs Soft locs

Faux locs can be tighter than soft locs. It is not the case all the time, it can only happen when faux locs are not done properly. 


Always gives attention to the nourishment of your hair. Only then you will have the privilege to do experiments with your styles and enjoy everything. Healthy, strong, and moisturized hair will keep you set for almost any style you can imagine.

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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