Do Cornrows Cause Receding Hairline: Treat Hair Like A Shrine 

Cornrow braiding is a type of hairstyle that pulls all hair near the scalp tightly and is braided in small clusters. The style is more popular among individuals with curly hair as they believe it protects the strands. However, another group thinks cornrows damage hair.

Which group do you think is right? Do cornrows cause receding hairlines for real? Well, they are both right. Cornrows do protect the strands from damage, specifically if you have curly hair. It also prevents split ends that lead to damage to hair.

However, if someone doesn’t change the cornrow hairstyle every 2 to 3 months or doesn’t braid hair loosely, hairs will fall out for sure. And if it continues, the receding hairline will be more visible and concerning after a few months.

Are Cornrows Braiding Really Bad for Your Hairline?

why cornrow braiding is bad for your hairline

Unfortunately, YES. If you keep cornrows for several months straight, your hair will fall out at a faster rate.

There are lots of reasons why cornrow braiding is bad for your hairline which is discussed in the next segment.

What Causes Receding Hairline with Cornrows 

There are many reasons that intensify hair loss; and most of them affect your hairline simultaneously, for example – 

I. Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia

Alopecia means hair loss, and traction represents pulling. In braids or cornrows, hair is under continuous pulling force that leads to hair loss.

II. Inflammation

Inflammation happens when any part of the body, including hair, is under physical stress for a longer period.

III. Damaged Follicles

Damaged Follicles

Cornrow puts more pressure on the hair follicles and damages them, which causes hair loss.

III. Dry Scalp

For the constant stretch of hair strands in the cornrows, your scalp can dry out and cause hair fall.

IV. Infection


In case you don’t sanitize your hair regularly, it may cause fungal infections and hair loss as a result.

V. Mental Stress

If you spend most of your time under mental stress, your hair can become weaker and fall out easily.

VI. Low Nutrition

When your hair is tightly braided, blood and nutrition circulation in the scalp is greatly reduced. It makes hair follicles weaker.

VII. Leaving Cornrows for Too Long

Leaving Cornrows for Too Long

Since braids hamper blood circulation, the more time passes with cornrows on, the weaker your hair will be.

VIII. Hormonal changes

Due to hormonal changes, like lack of progesterone may lead to hair loss on a higher level.

IX. Genetics

If your ancestry history says there are many cases of hair fall among your kin, you probably have a chance of having it.

X. Aging

If you’re getting older, there’s much chance of hair fall.

XI. Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, cause a lot of hair fall.

XII. Certain medications

A few kinds of medicines, specifically for psychological medications cause hair fall according to some research.

Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss 

Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

Misconception is the evil factor that provokes general people to do unnecessary rituals and quit healthy habits. Some of the misconceptions about hair loss are given in this segment. Believing them does nothing but bad results.

  1. All hair loss is permanent.
  2. Brushing hair 100 times a day would enhance blood circulation and prevent hair loss.
  3. If you use caps or wigs, it’ll damage your hair further because hair needs to breathe.
  4. Frequent use of shampoo causes hair fall.
  5. Shampoo and conditioner containing protein can nourish hair and boost hair growth.
  6. Hair dye, perm, and spray are reasons for hair fall.
  7. If your ancestors don’t have hair fall problems, you won’t have it either.
  8. Hair fall is only natural for elderly people.
  9. Hair loss is only a problem for men.
  10.  Greasy hair falls out more often.
  11. Taking vitamins can promote hair growth.
  12.  If you cut your hair frequently, it grows quicker and thicker.

Unlock the 8 Most Important Techniques to Keep Your Cornrows Looking Fresh and Last Long 

Important Techniques to Keep Your Cornrows Looking Fresh

Every problem has solutions, so do the problems concerning cornrows. If you follow these 8 techniques, your cornrows won’t have any problem for a long time.

  • Start with clean and conditioned hair.
  • Begin by making small cornrow braids. 
  • Refrain from tight braiding and use the right technique. 
  • Avoid constant hair abrasions, curling, and pulling.
  • Treat your hair gently when washing and brushing.
  • Avoid harsh treatments like heat as much as you reasonably can. 
  • Protecting the hair from UV and other harsh rays. 
  • To keep cornrows fresh, use a light moisturizer daily. 
  • When styling, use a light gel to keep the braids from unraveling. 
  • Use a silk scarf or sleep cap at night to keep your hair in place. 
  • Regularly trim the ends of the braids to prevent split ends and breakage. 
  • After a few weeks, consider taking out the braids and starting over. 

10 Proven Ways to Regrow Your Hairline Naturally and Get a Fuller Around It 

Ways to Regrow Your Hairline Naturally
  1. Scalp Massage – Applying gentle pressure on the scalp with fingertips every day stimulates hair regrowth.
  2. Diet – Consuming raw or fresh vegetables and herbs at least 3 times a week can regrow more hair.
  3. Aloe Vera – Applying aloe vera on the scalp can fight dandruff and reduce hair loss reasons.
  4. Onion Extract – Onion juice or oil nourishes hair and boosts hair growth.
  5. Coconut Oil – After hair wash, apply coconut oil to regrow hair.
  6. Rosemary Oil – Rosemary oil speeds up blood circulation and thus stimulates hair regrowth.
  7. Fish Oil – Fish oil contains omega fatty acids that promote hair regrowth.
  8. Ginseng – Consuming Ginseng or applying Ginseng oil on the scalp promotes hair growth.
  9. Honey – Honey moisturizes the hair and boosts hair growth.
  10.  Lemon – Applying lemon juice can enhance hair growth.

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Although hair fall doesn’t affect your physical health, your mental condition will decline dramatically. Do cornrows cause receding hairline

Now you know that it can make your hair thinner, you should maintain and take care of your cornrows better. Otherwise going bald is just a matter of time with cornrows.

By Cindy Mahlangu

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