What Do Box Braids Look Like

Having a hairstyle parting method that blends with your choice of outfit is a challenge. However, with box braids, styling your daily outfit becomes easy as it cuts through with an original traditional African taste with some modern elegance.

So, what do box braids look like? Box braids are an extensional hairstyle with a box parting pattern that looks like a bunch of braids braided. The box pattern has varying widths and thicknesses ranging from small to large braids.

Are Box Braids Attractive?

What Do Box Braids Look Like

Box braids are incredibly attractive with the right twist and choice of extension hair. With some maintenance and moisturizing, box braids are beautiful for young girls and the elderly.

The parting method and variety of sizes and thicknesses give customers a wide array of choices. With quality box braids, you will have them suitable for a long time since they are highly durable when well maintained.

Are Box Braids Part Of Black Culture?

Are Box Braids Part Of Black Culture?

Understanding the history of your fashion trend is essential. The box braid originates in black African culture with its original name as Bantu knots.

However, despite box braids being part of black culture, they are not a cultural appropriation. Box braids have evolved to suit the trend, style, and label of every woman who wants to appreciate the beauty of an African lady.

What Do Box Braids Look Like?

Before settling to have box braids twisted over your head, it’s good to understand how they look. To the untrained eye, they might be similar to other twists in the hairstyle market.

However, the box braids, as the name goes, have a box parting pattern that starts thick at the base of your natural hair. The braids are then extended to the desired length with a proportional reduction in thickness.

Box braids are extensions twisted with one’s natural hair at the base and can be twisted to have classy yet elegant styles of your choice. Some may prefer a mix of different color braids to add to the appearance.

Once your braids are done, you can style them down, up, pony, twist, and buns to your preferred taste.

Are Box Braids Safe For Your Hair?

From the hairstylists’ viewpoint, box braids are safe for your hair but with some exceptions. Ladies with weak sculps and falling-off hair should avoid the box braids as these will worsen their condition.

Box braids may not be the preferred choice for ladies with itchy scalps as they will scratch them off.

When Do Box Braids Start To Look Old?

When Do Box Braids Start To Look Old?

This is more of a perception than a set standard. Your box braids may look old but seem new to someone else.

Make it a personal decision to decide when to change your braids within 6 to 8 weeks. However, the braids are assumed to look old when they start falling off and having loose ends.

When Did Box Braids Become Popular?

Box braids existed among the black Africans but were known as the Bantu knots. They became popular in the 1990s with the rise and fame of R&B music inspired by celebrities such as Janet Jackson.

The style was adopted as the Bantu knots and named the box braid. With vast fans of R&Bs, the style got its way into America and spread to the rest of the world. The style still holds onto the black African culture.

How Much Do Box Braids Cost?

How Much Do Box Braids Cost?

The cost can vary depending on several factors, such as hair size and quality and the price of your hairstylist. The cost will be higher if you visit the saloon to remove your previous hairstyle, wash it, and then part with the box braids.

On average, the box braids will cost you between $200 for the small size and $500 for the large size. If you plan to have your box braids retouched and moisturized, you can add $50 to your budget to help keep the style durable in an attractive mode.

How Long Do Box Braids Take?

Having your box braids installed will take 5 to 10 hours when done by one stylist. At times, and with urgency, clients may book to have multiple stylists braid them to save time.

However, having one stylist do your braids is advisable to help balance the tightness and design.

Regarding durability, box braids can last up to 3 months with proper maintenance. Maintenance includes washing, drying, and moisturizing the hair.

Why Do My Box Braids Smell?

Why Do My Box Braids Smell?

Smelly box braids can be a big turn-off. Knowing the reasons for smelly braids will help solve the problem appropriately.

Your box braids may smell for keeping them too long on your hair. The braids should not exceed eight weeks upon installation. Sweat and dust can accumulate over time and lead to a bad smell.

Having wet hair could also lead to mildew infections that smell due to the oil products in the hair. Dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer. Cover the hair while in dusty places. After vigorous activities, wash the braids and dry them to remove sweat.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions. These are directly related to box braids’ looks.

Can you use styling gel for braiding?

You can use styling gel for braiding if you want to add some extra hold or texture to your hair. Styling gel is a type of product that helps you style your hair in a particular way.

What Are Jumbo Box Braids?

Jumbo box braids are similar to the typical box braids but have larger sections than the small thin box braids. The jumbo box braids are thick as they use large partitions of your natural hair to create the braids.

Some clients prefer these large thick braids as they have a lower maintenance cost and are easy to part and remove. They are light and reduce the weight on your scalp, thus less tiring.

Which Is Better Faux Locs Or Box Braids?

This depends on one’s taste and preference. Both hairstyles are quality and highly durable if well-maintained. Faux locs are similar to dreadlocks, only that they are bought while twisted and rolled and then mounted onto your natural hair.

Select the best option according to your intended style and look. You can choose to switch between these two styles from time to time.

How Long Should Box Braids Last?

Box braids can last up to 8 weeks when well maintained. However, the braids should last long enough for your timelines and depending on their status. Some may surpass the eight weeks limit, while some may start falling off within a month.

Have quality braids fitted by professional stylists and moisturize the hair to have them last long in good condition.

How To Part Your Hair For Box Braids?

One of the fantastic things about box braids is their wide variety of parting designs with the triangular box braids being more popular. Which starts from the back to the front with horizontal hair parting.

Other designs include the diamond, zig-zag, jumbo square, spider web, and pentagon designs. These designs have a close pattern to the triangular box braids but with a spiced-up design.

How To Maintain Box Braids?

Maintaining box braids is the best practice to have them in perfect condition. Apply hair moisturizer to keep your natural hair moist for better growth. Apply natural oil at the base of the natural hair to prevent hair from falling.

After a vigorous and dusty activity, such as running, wash your braids with warm water and hair detergents. Dry the hair to remove all the water and have it retouched to remove the outgrown and falling hairs.

Why Are Box Braids So Tight?

Box braids are tight to ensure they don’t easily get loose. However, not all box braids are tight. The theory that tight braids will last long is not valid. Tight braids at the base will leave your natural hair stretched and may start falling off, which is painful.

Box braids should be tightened at the point where the natural hair ends. This will have no impact on your scalp since the extension braids are dead hair.

Are Box Braids Good For Summer?

With proper maintenance and care, box braids can be suitable for summer. During summer, the hot environment makes the scalp sweat, especially for outdoor workers. If not well cleaned, the sweat may accumulate and cause the braids to smell.

Too much sunlight breaches the braids leaving them in a distorted condition. Have your braids well maintained during summer and remove them within six weeks. To protect the braids, use natural oil to wax the braids.

what helps tight goddess box braids

Tight goddess box braids use a weave that is tight against the scalp, which helps to keep hair in place and prevents it from falling out. The weave also creates a seal around the hair follicle, which keeps oil and sweat away from the scalp and keeps the hair healthy.

what length hair for bohemian box braids

The length of hair you should braid for a bohemian box braid style is typically around six inches. However, shorter or longer hair can be used depending on your desired look. You can also experiment with different styles and colors to find the one that suits you best.

Is it normal for box braids to frizz?

Yes, box braids can sometimes frizz because of the way they’re put in. Frizzing is a common problem with hair that’s been styled with too much heat or humidity, and box braids are no exception. To prevent frizzing, make sure to moisturize your hair regularly and style it only when necessary.

Why is it offensive for white people to wear braids?

It is offensive for white people to wear braids because it is associated with black culture.

Wearing braids is a sign of submission and slavery in African cultures, and it’s considered disrespectful to black people.

White people who wear braids are perpetuating the idea that white culture is superior to black culture.

This type of discrimination has a negative impact on both white and black communities.

What grows faster dreads or braids?

Braids will grow faster than dreads if they are kept clean and moisturized. Dreads will grow more slowly, but they require less maintenance.


A trending hairstyle is attractive but understanding the style, and its origin is classy. Box braids have an African beauty origin with some modifications in the modern days to include the western style.

The braids are distinctive in their parting pattern with the box parting method, which narrows to the end. The twists come in various sizes, giving the clients a wide range of choices.

Maintain your braids in excellent condition to have them last longer. Keep them from direct sunlight, water, and dust.

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