What Braids Make Hair Look Fuller

The curse of thin hair or hair loss prevents many of us from trying out the stunning hairstyles we see on celebrities. Due to their thin hair, many women prefer to simply wear their hair loose on the back and have no interest in styling it with knots or heat.

For them, braiding is the ultimate treat because it doesn’t harm the hair, doesn’t require heat, and creates the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair.

Hairstylists frequently suggest knotless braids as lightweight, protective hairstyles for clients with fine, thin, or thinning hair. We’ll talk about the struggles with thin hair and how braids can make the hair appear fuller.

Braiding Fine and Thin Hair: It’s Tricky & Annoying!

Braiding Fine and Thin Hair: It’s Tricky & Annoying!

Managing thin hair and styling it can be difficult at times. The hair strands simply refused to listen to you and fell down. It’s especially upsetting when you’re trying to get ready for a party. So, is there a way out?

Although the thought of braiding them may put you off, it is the most effective way to achieve a fuller look. Braiding can make your roots appear fuller, help cover up thin patches, and make your hair look amazing.

Regardless of the fact that braiding requires pulling your hair tight from the roots, adding to the tangles that already make your hair look iffy, you can still use braids to give the appearance of having thick hair.

The techniques we’ll mention below will bump up the hair instead of putting it under a lot of stress. There are a few methods and products that can make it easier to braid thin hair into voluminous styles.

How to Get a Fuller Look? Try Braids that Add Oomph to Your Hair!

How to Get a Fuller Look? Try Braids that Add Oomph to Your Hair!

As we know, there are hundreds of different braid designs based on different braiding techniques. Most braids are created by pulling the hair extremely tight and braiding it close to the scalp. However, if you want a fuller appearance, you should pick a style that makes the hair look more loose and bouncy.

Among all, the most popular method in salons is to backcomb your hair, tease it all the way down, and leave it messy. Then you lightly backcomb the hair to give it some oomph!

You can also illustrate thicker hair without using any heat by weaving the hair. Additionally, adding more dividing sectors while weaving increases volume. Just so you know, curling is another trick to add volume to super flat and thin hairs!

Boring vs. Bold: The Ultimate Braid-Off

Boring vs. Bold: The Ultimate Braid-Off

You can make plain braids beautiful by altering the weaving pattern, making some twists and turns, and loosening up a few strands. There isn’t much to do, it takes less time, and it is, of course, very simple to do a regular braid. But you need to give it some thought if you want something more glitzy.

Any feed-in braids, for instance, in which you can add extensions to your natural hair and transform it into a daring braiding style, never fail to astound. You can experiment with cornrows, box braids, micro braids, romantic side braids, and more. They are painless, do less damage to your hair, and allow you to do whatever you want while still protecting your hair’s natural growth.

Are you shy? Let the hair do the talking!

Are you shy? Let the hair do the talking!

When it’s their turn to be in the spotlight, shy people always take two steps back, so it might be a good idea to let their hair take one step for them while they can flaunt it to overcome their shyness.

Everyone looks good in braids. You should definitely give it a try and get showered with compliments from people, especially when you want to boost your style of play.

You can try braided buns, low ponytails, French plaits, and other simple, elegant braiding styles. These will make your hairstyle stand out more than your shyness and draw all eyes to it.

Always opt for extensions if you want thicker, fuller braids

Your hair can look longer, thicker, and fuller by using extensions. It’s a fantastic way to add volume and fullness to thin, dull hair without harming its natural growth. It’s recommended to use sewn-in extensions if your hair is thin since it’s a safer alternative to gluing or clipping in extensions. In this way, it will blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, require no heating, and last a lot longer.

Creating Loose and Luscious Braids: Here’s How to Do It! 

Creating Loose and Luscious Braids: Here's How to Do It! 

Although braiding your hair may not be difficult, making thin hair appear thicker may require more of your time and effort. In addition to extensions, teasing, and backcombing, you can also try braid pancaking.

It’s a method where you straighten and relax your braid to give the appearance of fullness.

If you’re not a big fan of extensions or intricate braiding methods, pancaking is a sneaky trick you can use. It gives thin hair more texture and gives it a fuller appearance.

Making your braid fuller, like a pancake, will give the appearance of a larger braid. Using the pancaking tactic, anyone can achieve luxurious, stylish braided looks.

Let’s show you how to braid your hair as Elsa did in the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ so you can channel your inner princess!

Pancaking braids technique for creating a fuller look

Pancaking braids technique for creating a fuller look

If you have thin hair, pancaking is the one braiding hairstyle you absolutely must learn. It adds lush, dramatic volume to your hair, and here’s how to do it;

  • As implied by the name, the goal is to make your hair appear fuller, like a pancake. To begin, pick whichever braid you’d like to have.
  • Once your braiding is complete, tighten it up, and here is where the real trick comes into play. The secret is to use your thumb and pointer fingers to carefully pull the weave sections of the braid without letting any hair fall out.
  • It will spread the hair while keeping it in the knot, making it look fuller rather than undone.

For excellent Pancaking: Longer hair is always better

For excellent Pancaking: Longer hair is always better

The techniques work best on hair that is longer because short hair runs the risk of making the braid messy and needs to be redone.

Short hair’s tendency to stick out easily from weaves means that if you tug on it, it might fall apart. More tugging results in more oomph when the hair is longer.

Although the length of your hair plays a major role, it is safe to say that pancaking braids aren’t difficult to do and don’t take much time. To add volume, simply pull a few hairs with your finger and tug on them.

You don’t need any additional hair accessories, heat, or cream to keep the tugs in place. It’s a much quicker process than adding curls or extensions, and you could do it while rushing to get ready for work or a party.

Let’s not forget that using pancaking to style your hair is the ideal way to cover up any flaws in your braiding technique. On a fine morning, too many of us struggle to make the messy, wimpy, thin braids look a little lively. With this pancaking method, you can cover up any bald spots, patches, and thinning hair on your head.

From French to Crown Braids: Discover the Best Braids for Fuller, Thicker Hair!

To achieve the voluminous look, you can style your braids however you like. The only thing necessary is proper tugging, twisting, and low tension in your hair. However, there are a few common braiding styles for thin hair that you can do with minimal effort.

Try these braids to give the appearance of fuller hair if you have thin strands.

1. French braids

French braids

Young adults and teenagers prefer this braid the most. With a little pancaking, the French braid can make thin hair look fuller. To achieve the “pancaking effect,” you need to slightly loosen the braid right after you finish it and tug on the hairs. On a long braid, it will give the appearance of fullness.

2. Dutch braids

Dutch braids

The Dutch braiding technique is similar to pancaking. It’s an efficient way to make the hairstyle appear more volumized. It’s ideal because you can spread the hair out more by tugging on it, giving it a fuller appearance. Just like pancaking, you separate and spread out each individual part of the braid so that it flattens out!

3. Fishtail braids

Fishtail braids

Even though braiding fine hair can be difficult, you won’t be disappointed if you try fishtail braids. You only need to make them loose because they are already thicker than usual braids. It will magically transform the thin, lifeless braid into one that looks thicker, fuller, and more soulful!

4. Box braids

Box braids

Box braids are well-known as protective hairstyles that successfully cover up your thinning hair. Your hair’s top should be braided into a box shape for the main section, and then you can add extensions to continue braiding the rest. Choose smaller braids, it will make the hair look dense. If you have fine, thin hair, you need to try this one; it will give your hair more volume and thickness.

5. Cornrows


You need a braiding style that can reduce the tension in your hair because fine and thin hair tends to break easily. Cornrows are an excellent way to reduce hair tension while braiding, allowing the hair to rest without cracking. Your hair won’t be carrying any extra weight, and the growth will be all-natural.

6. Halo braid

Halo braid

Halo braids are the best hairstyle if you have fine, thin hair. Here, all you need to do is create two thin braids, loosen them a bit, and then twist them around one another. Simply pin them in place; you don’t have to tie them completely around your head. It’s the simplest because, with essentially no effort, your braid will appear heavy and weighty.

7. Crown braid

Crown braid

A crown braid, as the name suggests, looks like you’re wearing a crown on your head. It won’t take much and is very simple to make—it’s a type of French braid that you wrap around your forehead like a tiara. It effectively covers up the faded hairline caused by stress and thin hair.

Last Volume

Creating the illusion of volume in thin hair is a highly desired process for those who struggle regularly to find a hairstyle for their thin, plain hair. And braiding is the most effective technique for doing this.

On thin hair, a simple braided bun can look more appealing than a messy bun. So the answer is, if you have thin hair, add braids to whatever hairstyle you choose!

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