What Are Goddess Box Braids

Looking for a long-term protective hairstyle? Goddess box braids are perhaps one of the most sought-after styles. Besides being easy to care for, they are also very versatile. But what exactly are goddess box braids?

Goddess box braids are traditional box braids but have wavy hair bits added along the length of the braids. The curly or wavy hair extension is designed to give the braids a beautiful goddess-like look.

Now, if you are thinking of installing goddess box braids, here is everything you need to know about this attractive style.

What Are the Types of Goddess Box Braids?

Types of Goddess Box Braids

Goddess box braids come in many types to choose from. Some of the popular options available are:

1. Small-size

These are the most common variety of goddess box braids and are about half the width of a standard pencil. Therefore, you can expect them to last longer.

2. Medium-size

Medium goddess box braids, on the other hand, are as wide as a typical number 2 pencil. As such, they are faster and easier to install.

3. Large or Jumbo-size

What Are Goddess Box Braids

These braids are roughly the size of one or two markers together. However, you will not find them long-lasting.

4. Bob goddess braids

Bob box braids are earlobe to shoulder length. Therefore, they are best if you love short hairstyles.

5. Crochet

As the name suggests, these goddess box braids are installed by weaving in hair extensions using a crochet needle. As such, they take less time to install.

How Can I Prep My Hair for Goddess Box Braids?

Prep My Hair for Goddess Box Braids

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1: Shampooing

You first wash your hair and scalp using a sulfate-free shampoo to remove all the dirt.

Step 2: Conditioning

Next, apply some deep conditioner or protein treatment to your wet hair. This will help strengthen your hair.

Step 3: Use a moisturizer

After conditioning, apply a moisturizing cream or butter to help your hair retain its moisture.

Step 4: Straighten the hair

For ease of installing the braids, you can stretch your hair using a blow dryer or other methods.

How to Make Goddess Box Braids?

How to Make Goddess Box Braids

Using a wide tooth comb, section your hair into four equal parts, forming a box shape. Then, clip the sectioned parts but leave the one which you plan to start working on loose. Next, apply a conditioning gel to the ends of your hair to keep it moist.

After that, section the hair again into small, medium, or large boxed parts using the pointed end of the comb. Then, tie the rest of the hair back. From here, you can make the braids with or without extensions.

A. Without Extensions

If you don’t want to use extensions to make your goddess braids, you simply use your natural hair only. And to make the ends of your hair wavy, you can use a curl enhancer and curling iron.

B. With Extensions

With your hair already sectioned, get a small amount of your extension and split it into two pieces. Then, place it over your natural hair and begin off with the regular three-strand braid.

Braid your hair down and along the way, add a small amount of your wavy hair extension. After braiding the curly hair about half an inch, pull it aside and continue braiding the rest of the hair. When done, apply glue at the end and tie a small knot before trimming the strip ends with scissors.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is critical if you want your goddess box braids to last longer. Below are some maintenance tips for you.

a. Regular washing

You must wash your goddess braids, including the scalp, at least every 2-3 weeks to keep your hair healthy.

b. Wrapping them at night

The wavy hair of goddess box braids can easily tangle. So, you should sleep in a silk or satin bonnet/scarf to reduce frizz.

c. Scalp oiling

You need to keep the scalp hydrated to prevent dryness and itchiness. Therefore, always apply light oil to your scalp and the edges.

d. Use mousse

Using a water-based mousse will help keep the curls of your goddess braids well defined. It also makes your braids feel shinier, allowing you to wear them longer.

e. Spritz the scalp

Add distilled water halfway up and your favorite essential oils like tea tree or lavender in a spritz bottle. You just spray the solution on your scalp and the edges.

Styling Tips for Goddess Box Braids

In this section, you can find different styling tips for your goddess braids. This will ensure they last longer.

  1. Be gentle while styling your braids. In other words, don’t pull them too tightly, especially around the edges, to avoid breakage.
  2. For a more stylish look, consider accentuating your goddess box braids using beads, gold cuffs, or jewels.
  3. If you want the braids to last longer, don’t style them too often. In other words, you must avoid over-styling.
  4. You should not be afraid to get creative when styling your braids. Try as many styles as you can but don’t overdo it.
  5. Use a toothbrush and gel to style the edges regularly. This will make your hair look fresh for a long time.

How Much Are Goddess Box Braids?

The price varies depending on your location and the size of the braids. But on average, the cost of doing the braids alone ranges between $150 and $300. This is relatively cheaper than other braid styles, such as knotless.

What Size Braids Should I Get?

Braids come in different sizes like small, medium, large and jumbo. Overall, small and medium-size braids are the best because they last longer than other sizes. However, they take longer to install. So, if you want easy and faster to install braids, you should go with either large or jumbo.

What Are Some Popular Goddess Box Braid Styles?

Goddess braids are highly versatile, and you can style them in many ways. One of the popular styles includes accessorizing the braids with gold cuffs, cords, or beads. Other styles are half-up and half-down, bob style, blonde, high ponytail, chic and messy, and mermaid goddess braids.

How Long Do Goddess Box Braids Last?

On average, they can last between 4 and 8 weeks. But for the braids to last you up to 8 weeks, proper care like sleeping in a satin wrap is critical. Also, retouching the edges can help extend their lifespan.

when to take out Goddess Box braids

Generally, you should take them out after 4 and 8 weeks if you want them to last that long. However, shorter styles will usually last up to 3 months or two while longer styles may need to be taken out sooner depending on how often you wear them and how well they’re maintained.


Why are box braids called box braids?

Box braids are called box braids because they are traditionally made by dividing the hair into small square sections, or boxes. This method of braiding allows for the hair to be evenly distributed, which results in a neat and tidy braid style.

As a white person, why do you feel you should be able to wear box braids?

There are pros and cons to wearing box braids, but the main reason is that they can add style and volume to your hair. Box braids can also be a great way for white people to show their cultural heritage. They can help you look more powerful and in control, which might be appealing to some people. Some people also think that box braids make your hair look thicker and fuller.

How long does it take for pain from braided hair to go away

It takes some time for pain from braided hair to go away. The discomfort may last for a few hours, or it may last for a few days. It’s important to keep the area moisturized so that the pain doesn’t increase.

Do dreads last longer than braids?

Dreads typically last around six to eight weeks, but can vary depending on how often they are washed and treated. Braids, on the other hand, can last anywhere from two to four months.


Overall, goddess box braids come in different types, including small, medium, and jumbo. However, before installation, you must prep your hair properly. And when it comes to making your goddess box braids, you can choose to use extensions or not. Now, if you want the hair to last up to 8 weeks, you simply practice good maintenance.

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