Spiritual Meaning Of Braided Hair

Across several cultural borders, including in African countries, braided hair carries several spiritual meanings. The hair pattern of braids speaks the spiritual significance.

So, what does the spiritual meaning of braided hair mean? A braided crown on your head in a dream signifies spiritual powers. For example, if you saw someone making braids on someone else hair, it means you should keep your secrets safe while talking to someone new. There are more like this.

Does it mean braid attract bad luck? What do braids represent? What does braided hair mean in the bible? Read along to get your answers.

Braids – Dream Meaning And Interpretation 

Braids – Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Having a dream related to braided hair doesn’t mean it’s always indicating a positive thing; it can sometimes be a warning. That’s why the interpretation of your hair-braided dream depends on the context and details you see.

Here are some interpretations of dreams related to braided hair:

I. If you’re a man and have a dream about braided hair, it means you may face betrayal. And if you’re a woman and have the same dream, it indicates that you may get into an argument about someone’s life.

II. In case you see that you’re braiding the hair of a stranger, the spiritual message is that you may face sabotage from your business associate or colleague.

III. If the dream is about braiding a child’s hair, then the spiritual meaning is you should listen to your elder’s advice.

Spiritual Meaning Of Braided Hair

IV. Seeing unbraiding your hair in a dream indicates a spiritual meaning that a problem you have been facing for a long time will finally be solved.

V. If the dream is about unbraiding a child’s hair, the spiritual message is that the problem you’re facing is easy to solve; you just need to get on the right track.

VI. In case you dream of cutting off your braided hair, the spiritual messages are that you’ll eventually give up on something you were stressing about.

VII. Sometimes you may dream that someone is pulling you by holding your braided hair. The spiritual meaning of this dream is you shouldn’t fall for the provocations of others.

Benefits Of Braiding Hair 

Benefits Of Braiding Hair 

Braided hairs carry several benefits. Here are some:

I. Braids can prevent breakage and damage to your hair.

II. Putting your hair into braids before bed can lessen the friction between the pillow and hair.

III. Keep your hair nourished and moist by locking the moisture into your hair.

IV. Helps you to prevent frizziness.

V. Doesn’t need high maintenance and can be styled into multiple hairstyles.

VI. Takes a little time to create braids.

VII. Keeps split-end away.

What Do Braids Represent? 

According to the cultures, braids may represent differently. For some cultures, making braids imparts wisdom, strength, power, or something that highlights their identity. Again, braids may symbolize age, rank, marital status, etc., for some people.

What Do African Braids Symbolize? 

Africa is the place where braids originate for the first time. To African people, a braid holds a spiritual significance and rich history of the black culture. 

In ancient times of Africa, braids were the greatest source to reflect their tribes, divine wisdom, wealth, power, attaining societal status, religion, and so on. This social art was also a way of relaying messages during the slavery period of black.

7 Spiritual Meanings Of Braids In Different Cultures 

Spiritual Meanings Of Braids In Different Cultures

Every braiding style has diverse meanings and spiritual connection, but here we’ll emphasize the 7 spiritual significance and cultural beliefs in the following discussion.

1. Societal Status 

The spiritual meaning of braids in dutch culture is, dutch braided hairs carry the symbol of wealth, attaining societal status, and prestige. Dutch culture believes people with hair braided into dutch braid was a highly influential and powerful person in society. 

So if you dream of making a dutch braid, it’s said in the spiritual world that you’ll enjoy wealth and prosperity in life.

2. Communication

Black people believe that hair braided by someone can build an opportunity to establish healthy and quality relationships. Since making braids takes a long time, they consider the hair woven time as talk time. And in the spiritual world, it indicates that you’ll build strong communication skills.

3. Patience

One needs to spend 5 to 16 hours making braids. Thus, the hairdresser and the client get enough chances to practice patience during the hair-woven process for the best and most accurate braided hair result. That’s why braided hair is considered a sign of patience in the African religion.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of having a dream of braided hair is you need to keep patience because the final result will be tremendous.

4. Wisdom

African beliefs that braided hair is a sign of ancient wisdom as the braid patterns are similar to the river goddess’s head. Therefore, it’s said that making braids imparts wisdom to one’s mind in the spiritual world.

5. Focus

Braiding hair perfectly requires your concentration and focus. If you don’t focus on the hair woven process and handwork, it’ll become tricky to get a precise and neat braided hair look.

So when you dream of braided hair, it indicates that you’re well-focused on accomplishing your goal. In case your hair is half braided, it means there is a distraction that you need to eliminate.

6. Accepting External Opinion

We use external hair attachments when we want to make a long braid on our short hair. This method of attaching external hair attachments for making long braids contains a spiritual meaning of embracing and respecting the opinions of others.

In the spiritual world, having a dream of making braids with external hair attachments is a sign of accepting others’ opinions.

7. Unity Of Thoughts

Just as hair braiding means arranging and taking all your hair into one strand, we need to keep our thoughts together to shine in life. So when you dream of braided hair, the spiritual connection indicates that your thoughts are woven together.

Cultural Significance Of Braids 

Cultural Significance Of Braids 

Braids originate first in Africa and played a significant role in displaying the culture of black people. If you look back into the history of braids, we can know that braids were a source of identifying one’s tribes, religion, and social rank.

Besides these reasons, the braided hair technique was also popular as an escape map in the history of black slavery. Therefore, the cultural significance of braided hairs in the history of Africa is massive.

What Does Braided Hair Mean In The Bible?

In Africa, braiding methods are a traditional hairstyle for many men and women to reflect their identity, age, and religion. Therefore, the African religion believes that braids are a symbol of unity, protection, and strength.

They mostly wear different braid styles to represent themselves as mothers and wives. Again, in some regions, braids are worn by widow women and children to reflect dedication and unity toward their families.

Generally, braids aren’t a hairstyle to make yourself attractive; instead, it carries several spiritual meanings. 

But do braid attract bad luck? According to the African perspective and spiritual world, making braids in the dream can bring good luck and warn you against bad luck.

Braid Appropriation v. Appreciation

Braid appropriation is when someone takes elements of another culture’s hairstyle without understanding or respecting the cultural significance behind it. This can be done out of a desire to be fashionable or trendy, without any regard for the history or meaning of the style.

Braid appreciation, on the other hand, is a genuine admiration and respect for another culture’s hairstyle. When appreciating braids, one seeks to understand the cultural significance and history behind the style, and wears it in a way that honors that culture.


Ancient Egyptian Hair: The Meaning of Style, Color, and Plaits

A surprising fact is that ancient Egyptian women of high rank wore their hair in plaits and braided ponytails. In contrast to lower-class women, wealthier women had their hair curled and used clasps and hairpins to achieve the desired look.

why white women wear box braids despite the controversy

Box braids have been around for centuries and have been worn by women of all races and ethnicities. The box braid is a popular hairstyle for women because it is versatile and can be styled in many ways. It is also a good option for women who are looking for a hairstyle that will hold its shape throughout the day. Box braids can be worn with many different outfits, and they can be dressed up or down.

What is the oldest recorded evidence of braiding in Europe

The oldest recorded evidence of braiding in Europe is a statue called the Venus of Willendorf. This statue, which dates back to Paleolithic Europe, shows a woman with her hair styled in rows of braids. It is believed that this hairstyle was worn by warriors and was later adopted by women as a symbol of femininity.

How were Mexican women able to put their hair away during hot weather?

Mexican women found a way to put their hair away during hot weather by creating traditional braids. These braids were not only functional, but also very beautiful and could be styled in many different ways. By wearing their hair in these traditional braids, women were able to keep the hair from interrupting daily activities and stay cool and comfortable during humid, hot weather.

What is the most popular type of Thai braid?

The three-strand braid is the most popular type of Thai braid. It is versatile and easy to apply, making it a popular choice for women of all ages.

why did cornrows become popular in the black community?

The 1960 Civil Rights movement and the Black Power movement brought about changes that affected all aspects of black life, including hairstyles. Cornrows were one of the popular hairstyles at the time and they continue to be well-loved to this day.

What is the style popularized in the 1990s by celebrities like Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton?

The style was popularized in the United States in the 1990s by celebrities like Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton. Bantu knots are not only stylish but they are also said to have unique spiritual power.

Final Words 

Braids speaks multiple spiritual messages and contain diverse meanings. The spiritual meaning of braided hair may vary depending on the details you see in your dream. 

African religion believes braids signify identification, age, and divine wisdom. In contrast, dutch culture believes braids are a source of reflecting wealth and power. So the spiritual meanings of braids vary depending on the several cultural borders.

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