Soft Locs vs Goddess Locs

Locs make you look bold and give a punch to the face of everyone looking at you. You will look confident and ready to conquer. Stylists have innovated many more styles like soft locs and goddess locs to help you move a step further and look different from everyone else.

Now, which one is for you? Goddess locs denote the style of cornrows, and soft locs represent the style of crochets. Both are great, but this difference can help you determine the one you like. 

Knowing all the specific aspects will give you a clear pathway to prepare your hair for the particular style you are looking for. For example, to allow your hair to grow up to the length needed for any type of locs.

What are the differences between soft locs and goddess locs?

Are soft locs or goddess locs suitable for you?

goddess locs

Having a healthy scalp and hair is a must before creating locs with them. Goddess locs require very strong hair. Not that soft locs don’t, but the requirement to do them is less. So soft locs work well for people with slightly weak hair. 

How good do these styles look?

soft locs

Goddess locs look thicker giving you a very strong appearance. For a more subtle look within a certain range of gorgeousness, soft locs define the requirement. They look thinner and still give a unique look.

The length required for both the styles

Soft locs are usually very long. They range from fourteen inches to as long as thirty-six inches. Goddess locs are much easier with a minimum length of two inches.

What type of extensions is ideal for soft and goddess locs?

bohemian loc

If you are looking for extensions of similar styles to install instead of doing them on your natural hair, then put good emphasis on their types. For goddess locs, use extensions made of recycled human hair. Soft loc extensions can be done with both synthetic and human. 

How many packs of extensions do you need for them?

You will need at least five packs for goddess locs. And for soft locs, you should have about five to seven packs of extensions to stay on the safe side. 

How much does it cost to install each of these styles?

Soft locs can cost within a range of $150 to $300. And for goddess locs, you will have to incur a cost between $150 to $200. Extensions may cost more. That will depend on the number of packs you are buying, their length, category, etc.

faux locs goddess

Which locs are the easiest to install?

Soft locs are easier to install. Goddess locs are not too difficult, but they require a bit more expertise. Goddess locs are much more intricate in terms of precision and accuracy. Getting them right requires practice. 

How long does it take to install them?

Goddess locs can be installed within a time frame of half an hour to two hours. Soft locs may take longer and can take about two hours to four hours. How long will it take also depends on the expertise of the person doing it.

Which locs are lighter?

This completely depends on the way you are styling them. None of these styles are too heavy, but soft locs are still lighter than goddess locs. The latter is thicker and thereby a bit heavier, but that is still modest.

Soft Locs vs Goddess Locs

Which style is easier to maintain?

Goddess locs are easier to maintain. Soft locs are a bit more sensitive, therefore need more care than usual. Goddess locs can be taken care of by your regular products and methods, but caring for soft locs are more intensive. 

Can you swim with soft locs or goddess locs?

You can swim with soft locs as well as goddess locs on. You just have to wear a swim cap before getting in, and also clean them thoroughly after coming out. And yes, soft locs have more chances of getting ruined in the water than goddess locs. 

Which style is more versatile?

Soft locs are a complete style themselves. Goddess locs are a style as well as a foundation for further innovation. Goddess locs can be styled in many ways beyond itself. This is why goddess locs are more versatile. 

Which one is less damaging to your hair?

less damaging

Soft locs are less damaging to your hair compared to goddess locs. Goddess locs cause more damage to your hair. 

Which of these is tighter and can be uncomfortable?

Goddess braids may not be that heavy, but they are still very tight. Since they are thick and start right from your scalp, they put quite a bit of pressure on it. 

Which of these will cause more hair loss?

Goddess braids will cause more loss of hair as opposed to soft locs. Since the former causes more damage, it consequently leads to more hair breakage. In some extreme cases, it also ends up in traction alopecia. 

How long will each of these styles last?

How long will each of these styles last?

Soft locs, if correctly done, can last for about four to six weeks. The endurance is higher for goddess braids, which is about four to eight weeks. In terms of extensions, it is advisable not to wear them for more than two months. 

Can you wash soft locs or goddess locs with hot water?

Yes, but the water should not be too hot. Only lukewarm water is allowed. Showering with warm water with natural locs is fine if done carefully. But washing extensions with overly hot water can ruin them completely. 


Goddess locs vs Butterfly locs

Goddess locs can look straight, but butterfly locs look more curly. Especially the end of the strands. Goddess locs has more flexibility in terms of styling, butterfly locs do not have that on offer. 

Goddess locs vs Faux locs

The ends of faux locs are clean and straight. But goddess locs have wavy ends and are more flaunting. Faux locs can be done at a distance, unlike goddess locs which cover the whole strand.

Goddess locs vs Bohemian locs

Goddess locs have a more uniform and textured structure. But bohemian locs are generally curlier. Bohemian locs are usually bouncy and curly, giving them a more exotic look. Goddess locs are widely taken up, but bohemian braids are quite rare. 

Goddess locs vs Mermaid locs

Mermaid locs look more like natural wavy hair instead of normal locs. Goddess locs can be recognized easily, but mermaid locs cannot. Mermaid locs are not necessarily curly and appear as a normal hairstyle. 


hair for faux goddess locs

Yes, different people are suitable to different hairstyles. One or a few styles may not satisfy everyone. But it also does not mean that you should not try as much as you can.

Being adventurous is very important in your pursuit of looking for the best version of yourself. Exploring different styles will also make you happier. 

Trying different styles will eventually land you the perfect style. No other person can decide for you, which style would suit you the best.

And remember, maintaining the health of your hair is massively important for applying any of these styles. Never ever go reckless on them, as they are sensitive and may get damaged easily. 

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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