Mermaid Locs Vs Goddess Locs

It’s quite easy to get confused by the flood of subjective information available on the internet regarding various locked hairstyles. You might be looking for something and landing on something else. 

mermaid locs are wavier than goddess locs

Hairstyles are all about innovation that differs by intricate details. Such a level of creativity has resulted in styles like mermaid locs and goddess locs. To give you an overview, mermaid locs are wavier than goddess locs

Differences between Mermaid Locs and Goddess Locs  

Differences between Mermaid Locs and Goddess Locs  
FactorsGoddess LocsMermaid Locs
DefinitionGoddess locs are a style based on the combination of cornrows and crochets. Mermaid locs are a style that is based on crochets and waves. 
Their appearance( their looks)Goddess locs look straight throughout with mild curls here and there. Mermaid locs are not only curly but wavy as well. The strands are wavy throughout the length. 
OriginOrigin of goddess locs are in Egypt. It has been found on mummies as well after they had been uncovered.Mermaid locs come from diverse backgrounds. Their roots go back to various regions around the world, predominantly Africa.
What hair is used?Kanekalon hair is the best. Nothing else comes close. Recycled human hair extensions are a great fit. But, if you choose synthetic hair, go for the kanekalon ones. 
The number of packs needed for installationFive to eight packs of extensions should be enough for a safe installation. The case with mermaid locs is different. Most mermaid extensions in the market have 120 locs in one pack. 
How long does it take to install them?Goddess locs can take anything between half an hour to three hours to get installed. Mermaid locs can be installed within two hours. 
How do you do them?They can be done on both natural hairs and with extensions. Extensions can be sewed in or taped.Better to do mermaid locs with extensions only. 
How to maintain them?Wash them at least once in a week. And don’t wash extensions with hot water. The max you can do is lukewarm water.Wash mermaid loc extensions with cold water. 
FlexibilityGoddess locs are more flexible compared to mermaid locs. They can be styled into anything. Mermaid locs are not as flexible as goddess locs.
TensionGoddess locs put more tension. Mermaid locs do put tension, but only if not maintained properly.
About new growthA better protective hairstyle. The hair inside the locs stays protected from external problems and thereby grows better.Mermaid locs do not promote hair growth directly. It only protects a certain bit of hair. 
Can you swim with them?You definitely can. Goddess locs are known to be resilient to water. Just wear a swim cap before getting in, and clean it thereafter.You can after wearing a swim cap, but cleaning it after coming out will be a hefty task. 
Is it dyeable?Yes, but it will be wise to not go for dying after installation. If you still choose to do so, go for herbal colors. And extensions will have no problem even after installation.Yes, in the case of extensions, definitely yes.
Can they tangle with each other?Goddess locs do not tangle at all if maintained optimally.Mermaid locs do tangle, but it’s not too severe.
WeightGoddess locs are lighter.Mermaid locs are heavier than goddess locs.
Which one is more painful to install?Goddess locs are not painful if done by an expert. Mermaid locs can be painful, especially if the extensions are being sewed in.
Which one is tighter?Goddess locs are tighter as opposed to mermaid locs.Mermaid locs are tight but marginally less than goddess locs.
Can these locs be unraveled?Goddess locs are less prone to unraveling.Mermaid locs are more vulnerable to unraveling.
Which hairstyle will last longer?Goddess locs, if properly executed, can last for two months without any problem.Mermaid locs can last longer than goddess locs.
Cost$150 to $200$100 to $200

Mermaid locs call for more maintenance compared to goddess locs for certain things long endurance, and protection. Mermaid locs are not as resilient as goddess locs in terms of strength. Therefore, it takes more resources to maintain them.


Mermaid locs vs Boho locs

Mermaid locs vs Boho locs

Mermaid locs are a cocktail of waves and curls. Boho locs are mainly curly, with minor waves along the ends.


 experiment with your hair

You have the liberty to experiment with your hair, and you should. Explore different styles, and you will get to present a different version of yourself every time you change your hairstyle. 

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