How Long Do Goddess Box Braids Last

If you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-maintain protective hairstyle, you cannot go wrong with goddess box braids. But considering the price and time they take to install, you might be curious to know how long goddess box braids last.

Well, perhaps one of the most raved-about benefits of installing goddess braids is that they can last you a long time. Typically, you can wear your braids for up to 8 weeks. Yeah, you heard that right! However, this depends on various elements like your hair regrowth rate.

Want to know what other factors may impact the longevity of your goddess box braids? Read on to find out.

What Are Goddess Box Braids?

Well, goddess braids look somehow like traditional box braids. However, they have undone curly ends, which gives them a voluminous look compared to typical box braids.

Basically, with goddess box braids, you only get the first few inches braided, and the rest is left undone. And to achieve this, you need two types of extension hair including, braiding and wavy hair.

How Long Do Goddess Box Braids Last

How Long Do Goddess Box Braids Last

Your goddess braids may last for a month or two. In other words, around 4 to 8 weeks. However, this period can vary due to various factors. So, let’s check out the different factors that impact goddess box braids’ longevity.

1. Hair preparation before braiding

Want your goddess box braids to last longer? Before the installation, you must wash your natural hair using sulfate and paraben-free shampoo. After shampooing, use a conditioner with moisturizing properties or a deep conditioner.

Next, apply a leave-in product to help lock your hair’s moisture. If your hair is kinky or tightly coiled, you can stretch it using a blow dryer.

2. Type of extension hair you use

The type or quality of extension hair you use also does impact the longevity of your goddess braids. Typically, hairstylists use braiding and wavy extension hair. The best braiding hair to use is one that is 100% Kanekalon hair.

As for the wavy hair, you can either use synthetic or human hair. However, human hair is of better quality and lasts longer. It also does not tangle like synthetic hair.

3. Tightness of the braids

Tightness of the braids

Installing your goddess braids too tight does not mean the style will last longer. Instead, you may experience hair breakage and loss. On the other hand, you should not do the braids very loosely. Your goddess braids will last for an extended time if done loosely on the scalp but tightly on the strand.

4. Goddess box braid size/length

Large or jumbo goddess box braids will inevitably last a shorter time than their smaller and medium counterparts. This is because the parting sections of jumbo braids are relatively sizable. So, if you want your goddess braids to last several weeks, the smaller and shorter, the better.

5. Hair growth rate

Unfortunately, your braids may not last long, if you are lucky enough to experience a rapid hair growth rate. The good news? If your hair growth rate happens gradually, you can wear your braids for extended periods. 

6. Types of products you use

The kind of products you use to maintain your hair while on goddess box braids can also help extend their lifespan. For instance, you could use a moisturizing oil or leave-in conditioner twice a week to keep your roots hydrated. And to ensure the curls of your goddess braids hold longer, a hair mousse can help.

Additionally, you can use braid oils, hot oils treatments, and braid sprays to keep the braids and scalp moisturized. Or, you could make your own water-based spray using essential oils like olive, jojoba, and castor oil.

7. Hair care routine

Your hair care routine is another factor that determines how long your goddess box braids last. Apart from using leave-in conditioners, oils, and sprays, you must wash your braids every two weeks. This is to help remove any product build-up.

Practicing good night care can also help prolong the life of your braids. This includes wearing something over your head to minimize friction for your braids like a satin head wrap.

8. Goddess box braids styling method

Goddess box braids styling method

These types of braids are very versatile. Therefore, you can style them in many ways. Unfortunately, if you constantly wear your goddess box braids in tight hairstyles, they will not last for long. The worst thing is that they could weaken your hair, especially the roots and edges.

The best thing would be to tie them back loosely or leave them down to ensure long-lasting performance. In other words, avoid over-styling.

9. Redoing edges

After wearing your braids for some time, your hair will begin to grow. You don’t have to take down your entire head of braids.

Instead, you can take out only the braids along the edges. Then, detangle and condition the hair before putting back the braids.


Check out these commonly asked questions about goddess box braids’ longevity.

How do you know it’s time to take down goddess box braids?
How do you know it’s time to take down goddess box braids?

If your scalp gets too irritating or uncomfortable after having your braids for long, you just uninstall them. Also, when you notice the curly parts look unkempt despite following a good hair care routine.

How long is the goddess box braids installation?

This depends on the length and size you want. But generally, it may take 4 to 8 hours for your hairstylist to install these braids.

What is the cost of installing goddess box braids?

The cost varies based on your location, length, and thickness of the goddess braids. But on average, the price can be from $150 to $600 or more.


Overall, goddess box braids are long-lasting, which explains why they are an excellent protective style. However, how long these braids last can vary from one person to another. This happens because of several factors like your hair-care routine, the products you use, and your hair growth rate. Other factors include the size of your goddess braids, the extension hair you use, braids tightness, and over-styling.

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