Do Micro Braids Pull Out Hair Or Not: Let’s Find Out

Did you know your hairstyle could be the reason behind hair loss? It can happen, especially if you have a hairstyle that’s too tight. Hairstyles such as braids and micro braids can damage and even pull out hair. But why do micro braids pull out hair?

It happens primarily because of the strain a tight micro braid puts on your hair. When micro braids are done too tightly, they tug, pull, and strain the ends of your hair. This damages your hair follicles and makes your hair fall out.

If you’re unaware that micro braids can cause hair fall, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered and will tell you how to stop losing hair due to your hairstyle and protect your hair from damage. Let’s get right into it.

Can Micro Braids Pull Your Hair Out

Can Micro Braids Pull Your Hair Out

Yes, micro braids can pull your hair out, especially when they’re done too tightly. This is why you should wear thin, lightweight braids that don’t pull on your hair too much. 

Ensure the hair near your scalp isn’t tightly knotted, as that can pull hair directly from your follicles, damaging your hair.

Give your hair a break from styling every once in a while and let them stay in its natural state. This helps keep hair healthy.

Another factor that affects your hair when you do micro braids is the weight of your hair. The heavier your hair is, the more strain it’ll face. 

And if the braids are too tight, it can cause tension and breakage. Plus, if braids aren’t installed correctly, that can cause strain on the hairline.

How micro braids are done can cause pulling on a person’s hair and damage the roots of the hair as well. Micro braids pull on your hair and create much strain and pulling. This damages hair as the hair follicles are stressed when the hair is pulled into place.

When micro braids are done, hair is sectioned in small parts, and each part has a few strands that can’t handle the manipulation and stressing of hair. 

Too much pulling causes tension, which not only causes hair breakage and excessive hair shedding but also can cause other hair-related problems.

What Happens When You Pull Your Hair Too Tight

What Happens When You Pull Your Hair Too Tight

When micro braids are done, the hair near the scalp is tightly braided to make them long-lasting and difficult to undo. If you wear tight braids, waves, or even buns and ponytails for too long, it can cause irreversible damage to your hair.

This is a condition known as traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is defined as hair loss caused by pulling the hair. It happens when hair is pulled too much, which pulls on your hair follicles and creates traction, causing permanent baldness, scabies, and receding hairline.

Tight braids put much stress on the delicate strands of your hair. They are also responsible for bumps, irritation, and redness on the scalp and pull hair out directly from the scalp.

Causes of Hair Pulling Out with Micro Braids

Causes of Hair Pulling Out with Micro Braids

There are multiple reasons behind micro braids pulling out hair. These are:

  • The baby hairs on your head are very thing, and they are very susceptible to breakage due to pulling, which is by braiding them isn’t suggested.
  •  In some cases, the volume and length of hair can make the sections of micro braids too heavy, which can pull on the hair follicles, causing stress and hair fall.
  • If micro braids aren’t done correctly, it can cause a burning sensation on the scalp. This leads to itchiness and bumps on the scalp and more hair loss. The stress from braids can also reduce blood circulation in the scalp, hindering hair growth.
  • Heavy hair extensions can pull on thin, delicate hair directly from the root, damaging them. Extensions can also be at the risk of being pulled out, taking hair follicles with them.
  • Pulling your hair too tightly can also cause bumps on the scalp.
  • New hair growth leads to added hair weight which weighs down the hair follicles, causing pulling.

How Long Should You Leave Micro Braids In

How Long Should You Leave Micro Braids In

Depending on how much care and maintenance you put into your micro braids. They can last from 1-8 weeks. But keeping micro braids for more than eight weeks, even if you take much care of them, isn’t suggested.

As that can lead to excessive pulling and damage your hair in the process.

Essential Don’ts of Micro Braids

If you have micro braids and are looking to reduce the damage they can do to your hair, please follow the advice below:

  • Don’t forgo cleaning your hair. Clean your hair and scalp before getting your braids done. Some people don’t like washing their braids, and I am not suggesting they wash their hair. But I am suggesting they at least clean their hair with dry shampoo.
  • Don’t pull your hair up too tight.
  •  Don’t put your hair in a ponytail right after getting them done.
  • Don’t overload your hair with heavy products. All you need is a water-based braid spray or a homemade mixture that includes water, an essential oil, and a little glycerin to moisturize your hair.
  • Don’t use hair grease, heavy cream, gel, or heavy oil while getting your braids done. They pull dirt and lint into your hair, making them unclean.
  •   Don’t skip touch-ups. Get your edges and braid parts retouched at least once every few weeks. Otherwise, hair may break off from the stress of hanging braids.
  •  Don’t sleep without covering your hair. Use a satin scarf, bonnet, or satin pillowcase when going to sleep. This will prevent frizzes and lint from accumulating in hair.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hairstyle.

Techniques to Prevent Hair Pulling with Micro Braids

Techniques to Prevent Hair Pulling with Micro Braids

If you have micro braids and are looking for ways to prevent them from pulling on your hair, you can do the following:

  •  Ensure your hair and scalp are clean before getting your braids done.
  • Don’t wear micro braids that are too tight.
  • Don’t try to manipulate your braids too much by doing ponytails.
  • Undo your braids every few weeks to give your hair a chance to breathe.


Hair loss can be an extremely frustrating problem for all of us. Losing hair can also lead to stress and low self-esteem. If the question, do micro braids pull out hair, was bugging you, we hope you got the answers.

And we believe that you now know how to deal with hair loss from having micro braids. You’ll no longer have to suffer from excessive hair fall or hair loss.

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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