Can You Put Vaseline In Your Braids? Let’s Find Out!

Having a bad hair day? Braiding your hair getting toilsome? Well, these phases come and pass and you must do what you must do.

But hey, did you know that a daily commodity like Vaseline can take care of hair to some extent? You didn’t know that, right? Yes, putting a skincare item on your hair seems unusual but surprisingly, it gets the job done.

In this write-up of ours, we will take a deep dive into knowing whether we should use vaseline for braided hair (or hair in general), how to apply it, and some other key things. So, come along!

What Is Petroleum Jelly And Vaseline

What Is Petroleum Jelly And Vaseline

Before jumping into our main discussion, let’s get to know some basic things.

Let’s face the first question, what is petroleum jelly?

So, petroleum jelly is a jelly or paste-like product that is a mixed outcome of natural wax and mineral oil. Its main material is petroleum which plays the key role of sealing the skin as a barrier and retaining moisture.

It was discovered by chemist Robert Augustus Chesebrough in 1859. He once noticed a bunch of workers using rod wax (a form of petroleum jelly) to take care of their skin. After that, he started to go deeper and ended up coming up with a more refined form of petroleum jelly.

Now, the second question is, what is Vaseline?

Well, Vaseline is also petroleum jelly. It’s not a different form of petroleum jelly (obviously it’s more refined and usable), it’s the usual one.

Vaseline is the brand name of Unilever. They call their own version of the marketed petroleum jelly Vaseline. That’s it.

In fact, you can also make a petroleum jelly brand of yours and name it Abra Ka Dabra!

Should Vaseline Be Used As A Hair Product

Should Vaseline Be Used As A Hair Product

This is a pretty common question. Look, the thing is, there is no specific data that blindly endorses using Vaseline as a hair product.

Vaseline in particular is a skin care product. It acts as a hair product in a passive way.

For example, a lot of people think that Vaseline is quite good when it comes to hair growth. It’s not entirely true. Some of Vaseline’s qualities let the base of the hair stay in order which leads to a bit less hair fall.

So, in a nutshell, there is no objective answer regarding whether Vaseline should be used as a hair product or not. But this is sure that it can be used.

However, as there is no black-and-white answer, using it on your hair should be limited as this is not a product made to nourish hair.

Common Use Of Vaseline For Hair

Common Use Of Vaseline For Hair

As we have gone through some basics, let’s learn about some scenarios of using Vaseline on hair.

1. Lice Treatment

Vaseline is pretty commonly used for treating lice problems. Applying it makes it a lot easier when it comes to getting rid of lice. The moisturizing after-effect of using it makes the job very much toil free.

2. Repairing Split Ends Of Hair

Vaseline is also used to take care of the split ends of hair. It prevents the split ends from breaking by not letting them stay dry.

3. As A Hair Styling Gel

It is also used as a hair styling gel. A little bit of Vaseline can make your spike look a lot more well-shaped than before.

How Safe Is Vaseline For Braids

How Safe Is Vaseline For Braids

This is yet another most-asked question. Using Vaseline as a hair product is safe but there is a thin line.

As it’s not a product made for hair well-being, it won’t be good to use it on a regular basis. Also, at some point, using it excessively may even cause your hair to fall as well.

Using Vaseline, particularly for braiding, does the job easier to some extent. So, there is no harm in embracing the good things but it needs to stay within a limit as Vaseline itself is a limitation in this regard.

Best Way To Apply Oil Or Vaseline To Get Rid Of The Pain From Tight Braids

Best Way To Apply Oil Or Vaseline To Get Rid Of The Pain From Tight Braids

You will braid your hair and won’t have to deal with its pain is like a dream for everyone. But as there is no escape from this hazard, there is only one option that remains, the ‘deal with it’ option.

One of the best elements or materials that you can use to get rid of the pain of tight braids is Vaseline. This thing acts like a medicine in this regard. You can also go with oil for tight braids. Both oil and Vaseline deliver the same outcome.

Vaseline or oil whatever you choose, the best way to apply them is to directly apply them to the roots of your braided hair. Use the tip of your finger to effectively put Vaseline or oil on the roots.

How To Use Vaseline For Braiding

How To Use Vaseline For Braiding

Okay! This is the section we all have been waiting for. Look, applying Vaseline for braiding hair isn’t something complex. The whole process is pretty simple and easy to carry out.

The very first thing that you will have to do is spray a little bit of water on your hair. After that gently comb your head.

When you’re done combing your hair, take a little bit of conditioner, rub it on the palm of your hand, and start applying it to your hair. Next, take a little bit of Vaseline and apply it to your hair. That’s it. The job is done. Now continue braiding your hair the way you used to do.

Best way To Remove Vaseline From Braided Hair

Best way To Remove Vaseline From Braided Hair

Vaseline may act as an effective hair product, but it has its own set of cons too. And one of them is removing it from the hair.

If you don’t wash your hair after putting Vaseline, your hair will become greasy and eventually it will become a matter of headache for you. Don’t worry. Removing Vaseline from hair is a piece of cake and we will be talking about a couple of ways of doing it.

1. Glycerin Soap

One of the best materials to remove Vaseline from hair is to wash them with glycerin soap. A soap that is rich in glycerin will take care of your hair. Glycerin is something that is pretty common as a skin care product. It helps in a lot of scenarios and does wonder is removing Vaseline as well.

2. Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is yet another useful product to get rid of Vaseline from your hair. When cleaning your hair with clarifying shampoo, make sure to use warm water. Also, after using a clarifying shampoo, your hair may get dry. So don’t forget to use a bit of conditioner after that.

3. Baby Oil And Shampoo

To get rid of Vaseline from your hair, baby oil can also be used. Just rub your hair with a little bit of baby oil and after that wait for 10 minutes. Next, normally wash your hair off with shampoo. Make sure to use warm water as well.

How Many Times Do You Need To Wash Your Braids With Warm Water To Get Rid Of The Greasy Feeling Caused By Vaseline

How Many Times Do You Need To Wash Your Braids

Well, there is no specific number of washing your hair to remove Vaseline. The thing is, usually, it should be gone after washing it once with warm water. But only warm water won’t work. You go with any of the products we mentioned above.

Also, if you see that your hair is still not free from Vaseline, you can wash it off again till it’s fully gone.

How Does Vaseline Affect Braiding Hair

How Does Vaseline Affect Braiding Hair

We all know that Vaseline is a very well-known and highly used skin care product. So, it’s produced in a way that will deliver the best outcome only for skincare purposes.

However, things get more interesting when we get to see its other beneficial sides, for example, it works quite well with hair. But as this is not a ‘made for hair’ product, it has its own set of drawbacks.

Using too much Vaseline on your hair makes it greasy which isn’t an ideal state for hair to stay. On the other hand, excessive use of Vaseline can make your head a fertile ground for bacteria.

So, Vaseline use on the hair should be limited. As this product belongs to a different category, it should be treated that way.


What is petroleum jelly recommended for?

Despite being a skincare item, petroleum jelly is recommended for some other things as well. In terms of hair, it’s recommended for dry scalp issues. Petroleum jelly works quite well when it comes to moisturizing dry scalp.

Is baby oil good for hair extensions?

Baby oil can be used for hair extensions, but it should be used sparingly. It can help add shine and provide a bit of moisture to the hair, but it is not a substitute for a moisturizing oil spray. If using baby oil on hair extensions, be sure to apply it to the ends of the braids and avoid getting it on the scalp.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Vaseline is a wonderful product. It has helped a lot of people in their routines and continues to do that. Apart from the skincare thing, using it for hair is like a trump card.

Just be a bit limited when it comes to using it for your hair. Don’t overdo it or make it a daily habit. Yes, it does wonders with hair but that doesn’t make it a hair product. So, deal with it with care so that you can embrace its benefits fully.

That’s it. That was our take on whether can you put Vaseline in your braids or not. We hope that you will be benefited from this research-based write-up. Thank you for being with us. Wishing you all the very best.  

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