Can White Girls Get Box Braids

Box braids are a trendy protective hairstyle among black women. The neat and professional looks of box braids attract women worldwide, including white women. But can white girls get box braids?

Yes, you can. But some white women wear box braids without knowing anything about the style and take it as a mere hairstyle. But as a white girl, you must first educate yourself about the history and sacrifices behind the box braids and respect them.

But do people like it when a white girl wear box braids? How to wear traditional braids? Which box braid hairstyle will suit you the most? Read along to find the answers.

Are Box Braids Cultural Appropriation?

Are Box Braids Cultural Appropriation?

Honestly, the answer is yes and no; it depends on the person’s perspective. Box braids have a history in black culture. So white women shouldn’t take it as a cool new trend and ignore black people’s concerns.

Hence, some black people may criticize you for wearing box braids as a white girl. They may consider it as if you’re making fun of their culture and disrespecting their history.

Again, some black people don’t get offended when a white girl wear box braids since this braiding method has become so popular worldwide as a protective style.

Who Invented Box Braids?

Who Invented Box Braids?

Generally, South Africa invented box braids during 3500 B.C. The first trace of box braids was found about 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt. They used to wear tight braids with fiber material to make their hair look longer and hide grey hair.

After the origin of the box braid in South Africa, braiding techniques became key to expressing a woman’s identity. Box braid was a symbol of high priesthood and wealth.

They used to decorate their box braids with different accessories, like beads, jewels, cowrie shells, or other expensive objects.

Is Box Braids For Black Only?

Can White Girls Get Box Braids

Box braids are generally a braiding method popular mainly among the African diaspora and people. During the time of slavery, only blacks used to wear box braids as a massage carrier or language system. 

With time and innovation, box braids are now widely known as a great and versatile protective style. This hairstyle is no longer limited to black people. However, you should be respectful of black culture and box braids’ history.

Who Can Wear Box Braids?

Who Can Wear Box Braids?

Anyone can wear box braids, no matter whether they have long or short and straight or curly hair. However, if you have any medical scalp condition or your hair is too fragile, you should avoid box braids.

Can White People Get Box Braids?

As mentioned above, box braids are widely famous worldwide; Caucasian or white people are also included in the list. But box braids have an extensive and rich history that takes it beyond a mere hairstyle.

Therefore, white people should educate themselves about the origin and culture of box braids before getting the hairstyle done.

Do Guys Hate White Girl Braids?

It’s hard to tell since it depends on the person’s perspective. So if you have a partner, you can show them a picture of box braids and ask their opinion. You can also ask your male friends for more information on what guys think about a white girl getting box braids.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Your Box Braids

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Your Box Braids

Here are some important things that you should remember, as a white woman, before getting box braids:

  • Box braids can be uncomfortable and be a hassle in your day-to-day work.
  • Handling box braids every morning can be challenging at first.
  • Installing box braids takes at least eight hours, so you need to clear your schedule for a whole day.
  • Plan your hair care routine with box braids and what color box braids you want.
  • Baby hair can ruin your neat and clean braiding look, but you can always fix them with gel or redo the braids.

Stunning Box Braids Hairstyles For White Girls

Now that you know you can wear box braids as a white girl, here are some recommendations for stunning box braids hairstyles:

1. Blonde Braids

Blonde is always the go-to hair color for white girls. So girls who like to keep their hair open should go for blonde braids hairstyles.

2. Blonde Bun

After getting your blonde braids, the best way to manage your hair throughout the day is to put them in a nice top bun.

3. Half Up Top Bun

People with short box braids can opt for this cute and effortless hairstyle for their day-to-day look.

4. Side Shaved Pink

If you like vibrant and bold colors to highlight your hair, then this trendy side shaved pink hairstyle is for you.

5. Three Color Ombré

Three hair colors in one hairstyle! If you like to be “that girl” in a crowd and attract attention, three color ombré is just for you.

6. Casual Double Buns

This hairstyle is similar to a half-up bun, but you make two half-up buns which make you look super cute.

7. Blonde Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a ponytail hairstyle? Thankfully box braids are versatile enough that you can also make a ponytail.

How Are Box Braids Traditionally Worn?

Here is the process of making traditional box braids:

  • First, wash and clean your hair with clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner.
  • Next, air dries and detangles your hair.
  • Now section your hair and set baby hair with hair gel or pomade.
  • Start braiding hair and add hair extension as required.
  • Seal the ends, and you’re done!

Do Box Braids Make White Hair Fall Out?

Just like box braids on black women, it also damages and causes hair to fall in white people’s hair if installed too tightly. That’s why you need to take proper care of your braids and take the braids off after 8 weeks.

Are Braids A Protective Style For White Hair?

Box braids are a great protective hairstyle for you, regardless of your hair type and skin color.


Are box braids good for caucasian hair?

Yes, box braids are good for caucasian hair, just like other hair types. Make sure you don’t make the braids too tight.

are box braids painful

No, box braids are not painful. In fact, they can be quite easy and comfortable to wear. However, if you’re not used to wearing them, they may feel a bit tight at first. If this is the case for you, don’t worry—you’ll eventually get used to them.

Is 6 packs of hair enough for box braids?

Usually, 5 to 8 packs of hair are enough to cover your head, depending on your hair density. So 6 packs of hair should be enough.

How to defrizz box braids?

The most common and easy trick to defrizz box braids is wrapping your braids in a warm towel. Boil a pot of water and dip a towel. Remove the towel, wait till it cools down enough to touch, and wrap it.

Why don’t my box braids last?

There can be a few reasons that your braids don’t last long, such as you made the braid too loose, don’t wear silk bonnet during bedtime, not taking proper care, etc.

When box braids itch?

When your box braids are too tight, product build-up, and not giving your scalp enough hydration and moisture, your box braids can cause itchiness.

Can you Unbraid box braids?

Yes, you can unbraid box braids if they are tightly secured or if the hair is in bad condition. If the hair is in good condition and the braid is loosely secured, it may be easier to leave it as-is.

can i put braids over my locs

Yes, you can put braids over your locs. Braiding hair over locs is a popular hairstyle that allows for tons of customization and style options.

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So can white girls get box braids? You now have the answer. Although there is no official rule that no white people can use black people’s hairstyles, but their hairstyle carries an intensive history that you must know and respect.

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