Can Quick Weaves Grow Your Hair?

A quick weave has become a trendy hairstyle among women, thanks to its short installation time, affordability, and less maintenance. But can quick weaves grow your hair, is it healthy to get quick weave hairstyles for your hair, how to prepare hair for it, etc., can be concerning for beginners.

Technically, if you can prepare your hair the hairstyle correctly, it won’t interrupt your real hair growth at all. You have to provide adequate hydration and moisture to your hair before and after getting the hairstyle.

But what do you exactly need to do to prepare your hair? How can you keep your hair steady with quick weave styles? Read along to find out more about it.

Is A Quick Weave Healthy For Your Hair?

Is A Quick Weave Healthy For Your Hair?

A quick weave method is a hair installation process where you cover your natural hair under a wig cap and use hair glue to attach hair wefts with the quick weave cap.

The installation process doesn’t require a long time, needs low maintenance, and is pretty affordable than a traditional sew-in weave; that’s why more women go for this hairstyle.

But whether this hairstyle will be healthy for your hair or not depends on how you take care of them. Once you wear quick weave, you should use sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner to wash your extensions and scalp.

Go for high-quality more expensive hair extensions, a protective cap, and glue to prevent damage to your natural hair. Besides, if you can install the weaves in the correct form and take proper care, your quick weave will surely be healthy for your hair.

Do Quick Weaves Make Your Hair Fall Out? 

Do Quick Weaves Make Your Hair Fall Out? 

Unfortunately, the weaving technique has a bad reputation for its few unwanted side effects. The hair extensions products your hair stylist uses to seal the hair extensions over the cap can damage your natural hair and cause hair loss.

If using poor-quality sealing products, it can seep into the cap and stick to your own hair, and you’ll get poor results. When you need to remove your hair extensions, it’ll pull out all the hair from your scalp.

Besides, your hair extensions are also prone to collecting adhesives which can create clumping and poor quality.

What Kind Of Hair Do I Get For A Quick Weave? 

For a quick weaving technique, the best hair extension is virgin human hair. Although this extension is a bit expensive but will give you the best result for your weaves.

However, there are also some affordable and good-quality extensions, such as Malaysian and Brazilian hair extensions are also a widely used option for perfect quick weave.

How Do You Make Your Hair Grow Faster With A Weave?

How Do You Make Your Hair Grow Faster With A Weave?
  1. Preparing Your Hair for Quick Weave: To keep your real hair growing under the weaves, you need to prepare your hair adequately before getting a quick weave style.
  2. Nourishing Your Hair: Before you get your quick weave style, shampoo your hair and use a leave-in conditioner. Apply moisture-sealing oil like argan oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil.
  3. Braiding with Care: Make your braids under the weaves less tight; otherwise, it’ll create tension which will trigger the increased risk of hair fall, itchiness, headache, and hair loss.
  4. Hydrating Your Scalp: Always provide enough hydration and nourishment to your scalp to relax hair under the weaves by applying oil or hair moisturizing cream on leave out. It’ll promote healthy and faster hair growth with a quick weave.

Why Should You Try Quick Weaves?

There are numerous advantages of having a quick weave style. Such as:

1. Needs low maintenance compared to the protective styles.

2. Takes a short time to install and remove.

3. Give your head healthy protection if installed properly.

4. Put less tension on your hair.

5. Gives you a natural look and allows you to go for short or lengthy wear as you want.

Quick Weave Maintenance Tips

Here are some quick weave maintenance tips for beginners:

Tips 1: Gently remove tangle from hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Tips 2: Avoid using a blower dryer and heating style.

Tips 3: Don’t over-wash your hair and keep your hair damp for a long time.

Tips 4: Apply moisturizing oil to the scalp.

Tips 5: Always cover your hair with a silk scarf before going to bed.


Does weave glue damage hair?

Unfortunately, extension products can damage your hair, including glue. That’s why you should go for high-quality glue to avoid damage.

Do weaves make your hair thin?

Yes, if weaves are installed incorrectly, it can make your hair thin. And the combination of tight weaves and heat can make the condition worse.

Can you reuse the weave that has been glued in?

Hair extensions that are glued to the cap can’t be used again. But sew in extensions are suitable for reuse.

How long does a quick weave last?

You can’t keep the quick weave on your head for upwards of two months like sew in weaves, as most quick weaves have a shorter lifespan of a month.

Why is your weave so itchy?

If your hair is pulled and tied tightly under the quick weave and your scalp is dry, it can cause itchiness in your scalp.


So you now have the answer to does quick weave grow your hair, if a quick weave is healthy for your hair, why you should get this hairstyle, and how to maintain weaves.

You should bear in mind that you shouldn’t keep your quick weave for more than a month and prepare your hair thoroughly for getting a quick weave to promote healthy hair growth and prevent damage as much as possible.

By Cindy Mahlangu

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