Can Anyone Wear Box Braids

Box braids probably come to your mind first because of their appearance and versatility when it comes to the protective hairstyle. But if you’re not a black woman, you may think can anyone wear box braids? Will I get hated for wearing it?

Generally, box braids are a hairstyle that anyone can wear, whether they have short hair or long hair, pale skin, or brown skin. But since this hairstyle carries great meaning for enslaved people, you must respect the style.

But how long can you wear box braids? Can you create box braids without adding hair extensions? What should you know before getting the hairstyle? Read along to find the answer.

What Are Box Braids Actually Called?

What Are Box Braids Actually Called

Box braids are also known as Poetic Justice Braids. This protective hairstyle was named box braids because each braid has square or box-shaped partings. However, you can also use different parting patterns to bring variation.

This hairstyle became widely known as box braids in 1990 after the musician of R&B, Janet Jackson, wore box braids for years.

Who Can Wear Box Braids?

Can Anyone Wear Box Braids

Yes, box braids can be worn by anyone, although this hairstyle is more than just a mere style for black people. No matter whether you have short, medium, or long hair, box braids can be an excellent pick for your protective style.

However, there is some time when you should avoid getting box braids. If you have any scalp issues or suffering from traction alopecia, recently dyed your hair, or your hair is too fragile right now, you shouldn’t go for box braids.

Do Box Braids Look Good On Everyone?

Do Box Braids Look Good On Everyone?

Box braids usually look good on everyone. But to ensure the best appearance, you have to take care of the box braids. For the best box braid look, you need to ensure that you keep the frizz away, wash the braids, and refresh them every 2 weeks.

What Do Box Braids Symbolize?

During slavery in Africa, box braids were a symbol of communication. For slaves, box braids were a sign of finding their way to freedom. After a long time, box braids became a symbol of wealth and power. It is said that women who had wealth and lots of time wore box braids the most.

What Culture Did Box Braids Come From?

Box braids originated in South Africa in 3500 B.C, and this is where this hairstyle came from. At that time and also in the present time, box braids take almost 8 hours to install.

Are Box Braids Cultural Appropriation?

Are Box Braids Cultural Appropriation

Box braids hold a rich history of slavery and suffering in black culture. So a few black people are sensitive to caucasian wearing box braids and taking this hairstyle as a trend.

On the other hand, it may not be a big deal to black people if a white woman wears box braids with respect and knowledge about the hairstyle. So yes, box braids are cultural appropriation, and a white girl may face this issue after wearing box braids.

How Long Can You Wear Box Braids?

Box braids can last for three months with proper maintenance. But you shouldn’t keep box braids on your head for more than 8 weeks; otherwise, they can damage your hair and edges.

Can I Get My Hair Braids Without Extensions?

Yes, you can get your hair braided into box braids without extensions. It’ll also protect your hair from pollution and eliminates the additional weight of extension and tension on the scalp. However, you may not get a fuller look of box braids without adding extensions.

How Much Would Box Braids Cost?

The total cost of getting box braids depends on how long you want your box braids to be and your location. The price may vary depending on your location. However, if you want to install box braids in the salon, you should expect a cost between $80 to $180.

What To Know Before Getting Box Braids?

What To Know Before Getting Box Braids?

Here are some essential factors that you should know before getting box braids:

  • Box braids can be really itchy sometimes.
  • The heaviness of the braids can cause neck pain and headache.
  • Maintenance is required to keep the braids in good condition.
  • You need to spend a long time on the salon chair.
  • It can cause hair shedding.
  • You may need to face hatred from some black women.
  • Not a cheap option for a protective hairstyle.
  • You need to take the hairstyle down after a few weeks.

Why Do Black People Braid Their Hair?

Enslaved people around the Caribbean and Central and South Africa wear braids the most. They used to call braids Canerows due to their similarity with a sugarcane field. Ancient people used to wear braids to communicate and show their status in society.

And these days, a group of black women wear box braids as their protective hairstyle, and others wear them in respect of their culture and history.


Can you keep box braids in for 6 months?

No, you shouldn’t keep box braids in for more than 8 weeks as it can cause some serious damage to your hair and scalp.

Will box braids break hair?

If you make your box braids too tight and don’t take care of the braids properly, it can break your natural hair.

Is eco gel good for braids?

You can use eco styler gel to set your box braids, but you can’t leave it on your hair for more than 2 days as it can dry out the hair and make them rough.

What length of hair for box braids?

If you want to create box braids, you must have to have 1.5 inches of long hair. Then you can make your box braids as long as you want.

Do goddess box braids grow your hair?

No protective hairstyle helps your natural hair to grow; instead, these hairstyles help you to give your hair a healthy space to grow without pollution.

Are bohemian box braids heavy?

Bohemian box braids are relatively less heavy than traditional box braids.

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So, can anyone wear box braids? Is it not a cultural appropriation? Do this hairstyle look on everyone? You have all your answers, now you should decide whether you want to opt for this hairstyle or not.

However, we have also mentioned some hair conditions when you shouldn’t go for box braids as they can cause more damage to the hair. Hope you find all the included information helpful in making your decision.

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