Bohemian Locs vs Goddess Locs

Locs are different to change your looks. Or if you want to deploy something unique, locs are just perfect. But the question is which one to get. However, the most talked locs are bohemian locs and goddess locs.

Now, what’s the difference between bohemian locs vs goddess locs? Bohemian locs are a distressed or messy version of faux locs. And it’s more inspired by Egypt. On the contrary, goddess locs are a very new type of locs, invented in 2015.

However, both these styles have been on-trend ever since they’re invented. Now, if you’re someone who wants to know more about these locs, you’ve come to the right place.

So walk with us to know more.

Goddess Locs VS Boho Locs: In-Depth Comparison

Bohemian Locs vs Goddess Locs

To be specific, goddess locs are a kind of false locs that take on a more free-spirited bohemian aesthetic. The hairstyle is adaptable to the individual’s preferred hair texture and length. A little curl in the loc or at the ends is typical of the style.

On the other hand, bohemian locs, also known as boho locs, are a special sort of faux locs. To get a more natural locs style, crochet locs, a hook, and some extra length are used. A common component of boho locs is the usage of hair extensions to provide volume and curl.

The boho locs are a fusion of goddess locs and fake locs. Like the fake locs, the bohemian locs aren’t wrapped around precisely but in a more loose style, providing a freeform locs appearance.

boho locs are a fusion of goddess locs and fake locs


Conventional faux locs, which have their roots in dreadlocks, are the inspiration for bohemian locs. Dreadlocks were a common hairstyle in many different cultures throughout history. They have a defining role in Rastafarian belief systems and are often associated with the late Rastafarian musician Bob Marley in the eyes of the general public.

Many Rastafarians believe that having dreadlocks keeps positive energy within the body, a belief that dates back to biblical times and is strongly associated with the Rastafarian religion.

However, talking about the goddess locs, it’s quite new locs compared to other locs as it was invented in 2015. So basically, Dr.Kari Williams devised the Goddess Loc procedure for the actress Meagan Good on April 7, 2015. 

And that was the first time when faux loc was made entirely of human hair, and it had a natural wave at the end too.

How to Look

boho locs as a much looser kind

If you’re familiar with the faux locs trend, think of boho locs as a much looser kind. Since it’s meant to be carefree, neatness and precision in the application aren’t as important here. However, unlike most other types of faux locs, boho locs don’t need precise wrapping to achieve.

As mentioned earlier goddess locs are as same as faux locs, but in the end, they’ll have a few loose curls. That’s the basic difference between faux locs and goddess locs.

Time Required For Installation

Installing process is quite long in both locs. But in goddess locs, you’ll need more than five hours according to your hair length and thickness. However, boho locs take two hours for installation compared to goddess locs.

Type of Hair Use

Type of Hair Use

The outcome of any of these styles will change depending on the kind and nature of hair you use.

However, crochet faux loc hair is often used in bohemian box locs. You can use spring twist hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or Marley hair since it is cheaper than real hair, but that’s only one of several alternatives.

You may get a more natural appearance than the others by using a large quantity of real hair if you have the funds for it.

On the other hand, synthetic or real hair is used in goddess locs.

Average Price

Bohemian distressed locs, when done by a professional, may cost as much as $400 for a waist-length style. Putting together the whole appearance on your own will cost you about $80 to $100.

On the contrary, to do full-head goddess locs it’ll take from $150 to $300 which is generally 6-8 packs of synthetic dreads. Ultimately, the cost of Goddess Locs varies on length, color, and whether you want Human Hair, Synthetic Hair, or a blend of both.

How Long do locs Last?

The bohemian locs are a very common protective style. It can last up to 4 months. Similarly, goddess locs will also last up to three to four months with proper maintenance. 

Moreover, putting on a sleep cap and applying moisturizer to the scalp are both great ways to keep your hair healthy and safe overnight .

goddess locs will also last up to three to four months


With such long-lasting hairstyles, it’s important to maintain healthy hair development by frequently moisturizing the scalp.

The next step is to keep your locs clean. You can’t wash your hair too often, but you should wash your locs every two weeks.

It creates tight locs on its own, and any further tight styling will result in rapid hair loss. Therefore, it’s best to steer clear of it. Also, be sure to wrap up your locs at night!

How to Wash The Boho and Goddess Locs?

How to Wash The Boho and Goddess Locs?

First, you’ll want to fill a sink or tub with water and soak your locs before proceeding to wash them. In addition, shampoo should always be diluted with water to prevent hair damage.

Rinse your braid well and ensure there is no shampoo remaining due it can produce dandruff. After washing your hair, don’t forget to use a conditioner to seal the moisture.

The most crucial thing about washing your braided hair is to dry it thoroughly with a drier since if you leave your locs damp, you could develop terrible headaches and other disorders.

Finally, to make your locs shine, add an oil or serum that doesn’t leave your hair sticky. It’s not essential, but you may do it if you want more shine.

How Do Keep Locs From Tangling?

Detangling your locs is important as you don’t want to damage your hair. First, make your locs wet and start detangling with your fingers.

Unless you do it on dry hair, you’ll end up breaking your locs. So hold your back tight because it’ll take a lot of time. Do detangling process very gently with soft hands.

How to Take Down Your Locs?

The removal of both goddess locs and boho locs is pretty similar. You can do it in three different ways. 

I. Moisture-friendly method

In this method, you have to make sure your locs are well moisturized and conditioned. Then hold the locs from its base and loosen up slightly. To do this use your fingers.

Gently remove it from your real hair. Do this until all the locs are removed from your hair.

II. Gentle-pull method

Take down any hair accessories you may be wearing so that you are not restricting your hair’s natural movement. Loosen the loop on top of the hair.

Slowly and carefully remove the crotchet and hair from the top loop. Get rid of the dreadlocks and make sure the braid won’t come undone. then Separate the strands of hair.

Saturate the hair thoroughly with conditioner so that it doesn’t dry out.

III. Cut and unravel

In order to untangle the locs from the bottom up, you must first cut off the ends. Use a leave-in conditioner or conditioner and work it through the roots of your hair.

Change the orientation of the twist on the loc. Crochet hair should be trimmed away from a braid or twist. Be wary about chopping off your hair.

The remaining crotchet hair may be easily removed by gently ripping it out of its follicles and sliding it off.

Which Are Worth It?

Both styles are very premium and give you a protective look. However, the goddess locs took so many hours to install compared to the boho locs. So in that context, if you don’t want to sit for a long time, then go with the boho locs. 

Again, in goddess locs you’ll get more options to decorate and it lasts a long time if you want that, then you should opt for goddess locs.

goddess locs took so many hours to install compared to the boho locs


Do you think that wearing locs is a safe fashion choice?

Any style you pick for your protective hairstyle should serve its primary purpose of keeping your hair safe from damage. Because locs already act as a protective style, an additional protective style is not strictly necessary while wearing locs.

How beneficial are boho locs?

If you’re not picky about how your protective style will appear, though, you may save money by choosing cheaper hair. If you want a great faux locs appearance, nevertheless, the price of Boho Locs is justified.

Do goddess locs weigh a lot?

Goddess locs may be cumbersome if moisture is not sealed in before installation and maintained during use. Long hours are required to finish the procedure. However, this is heavily dependent on criteria like duration, style, and approach.

Can your hair be damaged by wearing goddess locs?

Too much weight on your goddess locs may put stress on your hair’s foundation, which can result in split ends. So, consult your hairdresser about the best size and length of extensions to avoid damaging your own hair.

Goddess locs vs Butterfly locs

Butterfly locs, in contrast to goddess locs, feature loops of curly hair embedded inside the locs themselves. This gives butterfly locs their distinctive appearance and distinguishes them from other types of locs.

Boho locs vs Butterfly locs

Butterfly locs are a kind of fake locs made using the crotchet technique, in which wavy hair is braided with a crotchet needle and then twisted loosely to create a distressed, untidy appearance.

So in comparison to boho locs, butterfly locs are cleaner whereas boho locs give you a more messy look and it has loose curls in the end.

Faux locs vs Goddess locs

The basic difference between faux locs and goddess locs is in the end. Basically, the ends of faux locs are sealed, which indicates that they have been burnt or heated to seal them, while the ends of goddess locs are often open and wavy.


So far, you got to know about the bohemian locs vs goddess locs . Whatever style you got, you can eventually longer the lifespan of your locs by regular maintenance. Or even, you can accessorize your look by putting different hair accessories.

However, to maintain and wash your locs remember the mentioned information and never wear your locs for more than six weeks.

By Cindy Mahlangu

Hey there! I'm Cindy Mahlangu, a pro hairstylist with a serious passion for natural hair care. My mission? To inspire and educate others on the beauty and benefits of protective hairstyles. Through my creative writing, aim to empower individuals to embrace their unique hair texture and confidently care for their locks. So, whether you're rocking locs, braids, or twists, join me on this hair journey and let's achieve healthy, fabulous tresses together!

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